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OJS³ Plugin for JATS/BITS Galleys with enhanced LENS viewer
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OJS3 Lens-viewer plugin for JATS and BITS.

This plugin intergrates an enhanced Version of the Lens Viewer which supports BITS extensions.


Browser-based HTML Viewer for Journal Articles and Monographs based on JATS-standard XML files.based on elifescience Lens Viewer.

Functionality for BITS (Book extension for JATS) is available and constantly enhanced.

Implemented Extensions

Feature Status Demo
Audio/Video from external repositories demo
Enhanced citation blocks (with unique IDs) demo
Footnotes formatting support demo
Footnotes internal navigation into references demo
Paragraph formatting using CSS-Stylesheets read here
Quotes (unique ids, formatting supported) demo
Section metadata for monographs
- Section authors/contributors demo
- Section title demo
- Section Abstract demo
Speech-Element demo
Table display in reading panel demo
Table (unique id for reference) demo
Table formatting using JATS XML Attributes and CSS-Stylesheets
Resizable reader panel 🚧
Software Source-code in Lens 🚧 ticket

OJS 3 Installation

Command line

OJS 3.2

cd $OJS_PATH/plugins/generic/
git clone lensGalleyBits
# Set rights for the web-user, if necessary. e.g sudo chown -R www-data:www-data lensGalleyBits/

OJS 3.1+

cd $OJS_PATH/plugins/generic/
git clone lensGalleyBits
git checkout lens-bits-ojs-3.1
# Set rights for the web-user, if necessary. e.g sudo chown -R www-data:www-data lensGalleyBits/


  • Navigate to page $MY_SERVER/$MY_OJS/index.php/$MY_JOURNAL/management/settings/website

  • Click on the tab -> plugins

  • Disable the following plugin, if enable.


  • Enable this Lens viewer plugin you just downloaded lens_bits

  • Submit your XML file into the journal and enjoy!

Feature requests, Bugs

Based on


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