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🏠 Access

To access to Pagantis admin panel, we need to open the Woocommerce admin panel and follow the next steps:

1 – Woocommerce => Ajustes/Settings Step 1

2 – Pagos/Payments => Pagantis Step 2

3 – Pagantis Step 3

📋 Options

In Pagantis admin panel, we can set the following options:

Field                                     Description

Activate plugin - Clicked => Module enabled
- Not clicked => Módule disabled (Default)
Public Key(*) String you can get from your Pagantis profile.
Secret Key(*) String you can get from your Pagantis profile.
Product Simulator Choose if we want to use installments simulator inside product page.

📋 Advanced configuration:

The module has many configuration options you can set, but we recommend use it as is.

If you want to manage it, you have 2 ways to update the values using database or via HTTP, see below.

Here you have a complete list of configurations you can change and it's explanation.

Field Description

PAGANTIS_TITLE Payment title to show in checkout page. By default:"Instant financing".
PAGANTIS_SIMULATOR_DISPLAY_TYPE Installments simulator skin inside product page, in positive case. Recommended value: 'pgSDK.simulator.types.SIMPLE'.
PAGANTIS_SIMULATOR_DISPLAY_SKIN Skin of the product page simulator. Recommended value: 'pgSDK.simulator.skins.BLUE'.
PAGANTIS_SIMULATOR_DISPLAY_POSITION Choose the place where you want to watch the simulator.
PAGANTIS_SIMULATOR_START_INSTALLMENTS Number of installments by default to use in simulator.
PAGANTIS_SIMULATOR_MAX_INSTALLMENTS Number of maximum installments to use in simulator.
PAGANTIS_SIMULATOR_DISPLAY_CSS_POSITION he position where the simulator widget will be injected. Recommended value: 'pgSDK.simulator.positions.INNER'.
PAGANTIS_SIMULATOR_CSS_PRICE_SELECTOR CSS selector with DOM element having totalAmount value.
PAGANTIS_SIMULATOR_CSS_POSITION_SELECTOR CSS Selector to inject the widget. (Example: '#simulator', '.PgSimulator')
PAGANTIS_SIMULATOR_CSS_QUANTITY_SELECTOR CSS selector with DOM element having the quantity selector value.
PAGANTIS_FORM_DISPLAY_TYPE Allow you to select the way to show the payment form in your site
PAGANTIS_DISPLAY_MIN_AMOUNT Minimum amount to use the module and show the payment method in the checkout page.
PAGANTIS_URL_OK Location where user will be redirected after a successful payment. This string will be concatenated to the base url to build the full url
PAGANTIS_URL_KO Location where user will be redirected after a wrong payment. This string will be concatenated to the base url to build the full url
PAGANTIS_ALLOWED_COUNTRIES Array of country codes where the method can be used
Edit using database

1 - Open your database management (Frequently Cpanel->phpmyadmin)

2 - Connect to wordpress database. (Frequently called wordpress)

3 - Launch a query to check if the table exists: select * from wp_pagantis_config Step 3

4 - Find the config field to edit, in this example we are going to edit: PAGANTIS_TITlE

5 - Launch a query to edit their value: Update wp_pagantis_config set value='New title' where config='PAGANTIS_TITLE' Step 5

6 - After the modification, you can check it launching the query: "select * from wp_pagantis_config" Step 6

7 - Finally you can see the change in checkout page Step 7

Edit using postman

To modify the configuration you only need to make a post to:


Sending in the form data the key of the config you want to change and the new value.

1 - Open the application Step 1

2 - Set the mode of the request
2.1 - Click on BODY tag
2.2 - Click on x-www-form-urlencoded Step 2

3 - Set your request
3.1 - On the upper-left side, you need to set a POST request
3.2 - Fill the url field, setting your domain and your secret key (You can get in: 3.3 - Set the config key to modify (see previous table) 3.4 - Set the value for the selected key Step 3

4 - Press on SEND Step 4

5 - If everything works fine, you could see the config Step 5

6 - Finally you can see the change in checkout page Step 6

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