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Module installation

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Wordpress and Woocommerce plugin enabled.

💾 Installation

To install the plugin of Pagantis in your Woocommerce shop

Installation using zip file

  1. Navigate to plugins dashboard
  2. Click on "Add new"
  3. Download the zip file from here
  4. Click 'Upload plugin'
  5. Select the downloaded file and click 'Open'.
  6. Click on 'Install'
  7. Activate the plugin on the plugins dashboard

For more information about how to install the plugin, see our installation section.

⚙️ Configuration

Configure the plugin in Woocommerce admin panel using the information found in your Pagantis profile.

For more information about how to config the module, see our configuration section.

▶️ Use

To use in a real environment you should enable your Pagantis account.

For more information about how to use the module, see our use section.

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