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rclone4pi - Easy Install of rclone to Raspberry Pi Computer with automated folder sync demo
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An Easy rclone Install onto a Raspberry Pi Computer with Folder sync demo

For Detailed Instructions See Wiki

Quick Install

Step 1 Highlight curl command in code box below using mouse left button. Right click mouse in highlighted area and Copy.
Step 2 On RPI putty SSH or terminal session right click, select paste then Enter to download and run script.

curl -L | bash

Command above will install, and create a subfolder rpi-sync in users home eg. /home/pi

Manual Install

Using logged in putty SSH or RPI Terminal session execute commands below

cd ~
wget -O
more   # Review what script does and if OK continue with install.
chmod +x
./      # Run Install Script.  You may review script first.

See How to Configure a Remote Storage Service


Rclone is a command line program to sync files and directories to and from many remote storage services. This utility can be used to sync raspberry pi computer folders/files to one or more remote services.
For more information about rclone See and/or

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