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Your new PageCarton site is ready. You can now begin to build something awesome with it easily. You can use this to build a web site or an app.
Start building your site now here: {{{home_page_url}}}{{{new_site_wizard_url}}}
Your domain name is {{{domain}}}. It may take a while for your domain name to propagate and begin to work, so we have created a temporary link to access your website. Once your domain becomes active, you can build your site in easy steps by going to https://{{{domain}}}{{{new_site_wizard_url}}}
Your login: {{{email}}}
Password: {{{password}}}
If you need further help or to learn about what you can do with PageCarton
Support Forum:
Start building your site now: {{{home_page_url}}}{{{new_site_wizard_url}}}
Regards, Team
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