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Releases: pageer/lnblog


08 Oct 22:28
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Fix CSRF detection where for URLs that contain a port number (fixes #54)


21 Oct 15:53
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This is a patch release that fixes two minor issues:

  1. The internal version number was wrong - LnBlog thought it was still 2.2.0 rather than 2.3.0. This has been fixed and the build scripts have been updated to prevent that from happening again.
  2. The pagination was broken so that the older/newer links at the bottom of the page never appeared.


16 Sep 18:02
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Feature Release

This release includes a few new features and a bunch of back-end code improvements. The former include updates to the post editor to support more configuration and make it easier to deal with uploading files, for instance by adding controls to insert attachment links and upload images attachments by pasting from the clipboard. The latter include major revamp of the support for RSS feeds. As a side-effect (?) of that work, we now support not only RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0, but also Atom feed generation! Those formats have also been made available for doing blog exports (in case you want to migrate to something other than WordPress). More details are in the official release post.


Compatibility note: In the interests of not being hideously insecure and out-of-date, the minimum supported PHP version for LnBlog is now 7.4, which is the oldest version that gets any updates at time of writing. Note that this is a hard requirement - LnBlog will no longer work o older versions of PHP.

Upgrading from the supplied release ZIP file is recommended. If you choose to just pull changes from Git, note that you will need to run a composer install --no-dev to update dependencies.

Note that the existing RSS plugins have been replaced by the new RssManagement plugin. You will probably need to configure that plugin to match your desired configuration. Note that the new plugin includes functionality to manually force purging and regenerating RSS feeds, which can be used to migrate your feeds to Atom if desired.

Changes in this version

#47 Improve RSS support (enhancement)
#44 Make TinyMCE editor configurable (enhancement)
#43 Better display of publication queue (enhancement)
#42 Support for "paste to upload" (enhancement)
#39 Encapsulation for controller logic (enhancement)
#38 Improve image quality for auto-scaling (enhancement)
#37 Move LBCode editor markup to a plugin (enhancement)
#36 Insert attachment links in editor (enhancement)
#35 Add cache busting for JS/CSS files (bug)
#33 Manage files for profiles (enhancement)
#32 TinyMCE not loading on generic file editor (bug)

Full Changelog: 2.2.0...2.3.0


13 Jun 01:53
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Feature Release

This release includes a number of new features and bug fixes. The biggest changes include support for importing WordPress export files, a number of UI and improvements, and stability improvements around URL and path resolution.


This version requires running a blog upgrade (which can now be done via the command line or the web UI). In addition, this version will require visiting the upgrade page to generate the new pathconfig.php file that now handles path and URL mapping. If any blogs are not correctly added to this file, they can be registered on the admin page. See the or the full release announcement for details.

Changes in this version

  • Improvements to form layout and styling.
  • TrackBacks are now disabled by default through the DisableComments plugin. (They can be re-enabled through the plugin settings.)
  • Fixed: Cannot edit URL of current blog (#14)
  • Fixed: Better subdomain resolution (#15)
  • Fixed: Auto sitemap broken for subdomains (#17)
  • Fixed: RSS links shown when plugin disabled (#18)
  • Improvement: Add tag widget (#19)
  • Improvement: Include files for third-party JavaScript (#20)
  • Improvement: Import from WordPress (#25)
  • Fixed: Comment delete link broken (#26)
  • Improvement: Auto-scale feature (#27)
  • Improvement: Upgrade from command-line (#29)


04 Jul 18:33
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This release adds a number of security and quality-of-life enhancements.

  • Responsive layout (enhancement #11)
  • Drag-and-drop plugin loading (enhancement #4)
  • Auto-save for post editor (enhancement #1)
  • Paginated browsing (enhancement #5)
  • Asynchronous task runner (enhancement #6)
  • Deprecate file writing config (enhancement #13)
  • CSRF protection (enhancement #2)
  • Login attempt throttling (enhancement #3)
  • Make IP locking of session tokens optional (enhancement #10)
  • Password reset feature (enhancement #9)
  • Image and other links for drafts don't work in TinyMCE (bug #12)
  • Some file editor links don't work (bug #8)