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Version history - highlights
v0.5.6e 2013.0?.??
- HTTPS Back-end generates TLSv1 Internal Error alerts if server is down
- Added --accept_acl_file=/... for mitigating frontend abuse and DDoS.
v0.5.6d 2013.06.14
- Fixed bug in proxy and Tor support
v0.5.6b,c 2013.05.24
- Fixed bug where PageKite would not recover from network errors
- Fixed IPv6 frontend selection behavior
- Avoid duplicate connection woes when a frontend has multiple IPs
- Fixed incorrect frontend certificate priority (bogus sorting)
- Fixed loopback tunnel bugs introduced by new FE selection
v0.5.6a 2013.03.18
- Added default privacy-friendly robots.txt to built-in HTTPD.
- Fixed bugs in DNS update logic
- Improved frontend selection algorithm to fail back to faster hosts
- Improved frontend selection algorithm to disconnect unused tunnels
- Fixed major front-end memory leak
- Started measuring round-trip-times within tunnels
- Fixed multiple bugs in frontend quota rechecking code.
v0.5.5 2013.02.01
- Fixed broken internal buffered byte counter
- Log and allow monitoring of tunnel round-trip-times
- Minecraft protocol support at the frontend
- Fixed connection bug: native Python SSL + no SSL on front-end = fail
- Dropped support for the insecure SSLv2
v0.5.4 2012.11.29
- Improved --proxy argument handling to do chains properly
- Added --client_acl and --tunnel_acl
- Fixed bug in --pemfile
- Fixed built-in HTTPS server's silly incompatibility with SNI.
- Added --selfsign for easily enabling self-signed HTTPS.
- Fixed behavior of --remove and --disable for nonexistant kites.
v0.5.2, v0.5.3
- Forgot to document these, oops.
v0.5.1 2012.07.22
- Fixed lots and lots of file descriptor leaks.
- Added --shell for easier use in a GUI environment.
v0.5.0 2012.07.20
- Prefer and use epoll() if it is available.
- Added better probe diagnostics, using json returns and CORS headers.
- Correctly handle and report the new quota dimensions.
- Corrected error messages when using an invalid shared secret.
- Added support for multiple auth domains at the front-end.
- Brought up-to-date
- Renamed --backend/--disable_backend to --service_on/--service_off
- Allow white-space in the config file and make it more readable
- Added: --watch=<LEVEL> for watching tunneled traffic (back-end only)
- Deprecated: --reloadfile, --delete_backend
- Refactored and rewrote built-in manual and man page.
- Added support for Flash socket-policy responses (open policy)
- Support kites over IPv6.
- Improved HTTP header filtering, now always inserts X-Forwarded-For,
added X-Forwarded-Proto and +rawheaders flag for disabling.
- Fixed bugs in Loopback tunnels with bad backends
- Added URL firewall, +insecure and --insecure to disable it.
v0.4.6 2012.01.15
- Improved new kite wizard a bit
- Added human readable date/time to log output
- Cleaned up auto-generated configuration file
- Fixed bug in front-end HTTP CONNECT for wild-card TLS endpoints
- Behave gracefully when is in /etc/hosts as 127.x.x.x
- Added proper MOTD handling
v0.4.5 2011.08.22
- Finalize and document finger and IRC support.
- Support wild-card backends (*
v0.4.4 2011.08.02
- Major code reorganization, split giant into multiple
parts, and spawned two spin-off projects:
- Made the built-in HTTPD reply to http://localhost:port/ requests.
- Added back-end flags:
- Added +rewritehost
- Renamed +user/ to +password/
- Allow +options after the domain name
- Experimental support for the finger and IRC protocols.
- Experimental setuptools, .deb and .rpm packaging rules.
- Experimental --remoteui to facilitate development of GUIs.
v0.4.3 2011.05.26
- UI is more colorful!
- UI is more friendly on Windows and in OS X transient windows.
- UI now gives useful feedback in front-end mode as well.
- UI now reports https:// URLs when they are available.
- Added --add, --only, --remove and --disable for manipulating your
kite configuration from the command-line.
- HTTP Basic Auth can now be required for any HTTP back-end.
- Back-ported from 0.3.20:
- Fixed more file-descriptor leaks.
- Fixed a bug in initial handshake when front-end was using python's SSL.
- Fixed infinite recursion bug in loopback tunnels.
- Made auxillary threads handle exceptions more gracefully.
- Made connection hand-shake more verbose (prep. better error reporting).
- Added --debugio flag for low-level debugging.
v0.4.2 2011.05.13
- Fixed some file descriptor leaks
- Added name-based virtual server and virtual file tree to built in HTTPD.
- Revamped the command-line short-cuts to follow the common Unix
'action source source ... destination' pattern.
v0.4.1 2011.05.05
- Branched major revision 0.4.x from stable 0.3.x.
- Much improved interactive console user interface and shortcut feature.
To disable the interface, use --nullui.
- Added built-in static HTTP daemon.
v0.3.17 2011.04.20
- Crypto cleanup: better random numbers, clarified code, added timestamps
to front-end challenges (limits replay attack window), allowed hardcoding
of front-end SSL cert hash in config file.
- Fixed hanging SSL connections on front-ends with native termination.
- Rapid network switching should work (session-id based disconnects).
- Minor flow-control tweaks and fixes.
- Fixed a bug where large file transfers could disconnect tunnels.
- Fixed some logging issues on Windows.
v0.3.16 2011.03.11
- Worked around bug in native Python ssl module which kills busy tunnels.
- Fixed lame bug in --all code.
v0.3.15 2011.03.03
- Revamped stream EOF handling, fixing many corner case bugs in the process.
- Fixed GitHub issue #12
v0.3.14 2011.02.11
- Moved fancy error messages to a frame, instead of a redirect.
- Added support for catch-all backends (hostname = unknown).
- Added timeouts to tunnel and backend connection code to reduce stalling.
- Moved tunnel management to separate thread.
- Added --rawports=virtual for virtual (HTTP CONNECT only) raw ports.
v0.3.13 2011.01.25
- Fixed yet another flow-control problem (bad error handling)
v0.3.12 2011.01.21
- Report a config error when the same backend is defined twice.
- Don't submit crash reports when misconfigured. *sigh*
v0.3.11 2011.01.20
- Removed debugging code to improve privacy.
- Reduced memory footprint slightly, especially on the front-end.
- Fixed bugs in 3rd party dynamic DNS support, improved docs.
v0.3.10 2011.01.15
- BUGFIX: More improvements to IO error handling.
v0.3.9 2011.01.05
- BUGFIX: 0.3.8 broke Windows connections, this should fix them again.
- Re-opens logs on SIGHUP, for compatibility with logrotate.
- Tweaked internal CONNECT to work with HTTP/1.1 clients: putty can ssh!
- Look for CA Certificates in the rc-file if not found in the host OS.
- Added --errorurl for fancier "back-end unavailable" messages.
- Better detection of dead tunnels and connection re-establishment.
v0.3.8 2011.01.02
- Many TLS/SSL fixes:
- Works with pyOpenSSL or the default Python 2.6 ssl module.
- Can now terminate/unwrap TLS/SSL at the front-end.
- Routing support for the old lame SSLv2.
- Built-in TLS/SSL works with pyOpenSSL or python 2.6+ ssl.
- TLS tunnels: encryption and FE auth. See --ca_certs and --fe_certname.
- Protocol fixes: switching from "magic" request paths to HTTP CONNECT.
- Added --noprobes and probe logging at the back-end.
- Misc. minor bugfixes.
v0.3.7 2010.12.26
- Added support for the websocket protocols (Upgrade: WebSocket header)
- Added support for binding to, and routing by ports as well as protocols
- Added time-based routing of non-SNI SSL connections.
- Added time-based routing of raw ports (for ssh-after-HTTP).
- Added X-Forwarded-For header to for HTTP and WEBSOCKET
- The IP address of visiters now gets reported to back-end and logged.
- Built-in httpd now based on SimpleXMLRPCServer
- Enbled --pemfile, for SSL encrypted admin consoles
- Front-ends can now have local (non-tunneled) back-ends
v0.3.5 2010.12.15
- Misc. minor bugfixes.
- Added support for WebDAV and other missing HTTP request methods.
- Added some real Yamon variables for monitoring
- Log-format normalized a bit, created
- Bugfix: minor memory leak when target servers are down (BE unavailable).
- Bugfix: bad flow-control bug could freeze the select-loop.
v0.3.4 2010.11.09
- Added basic flow-control to avoid excessive memory use on large file
transfers with fast backends and slow upstream pipes.
v0.3.3 2010.11.03
- Fixed crash report misbehavior on some Python versions.
v0.3.2 2010.10.25
- HTTP UI now has logs & connection details, and --httppass works.
- Anonymized IP addresses in HTTP UI and all logs.
- Protocol tweaks: front-end is backwards compatible, back-end is not.
- Added support for probe requests, showing status in the UI.
v0.3.1 2010.10.14
* BUG: ValueErrors in invalid configs generated crash report spam.
* BUG: Fixed chunking alignment problem.
* BUG: Fixed HTTP header parsing problem
- Added support for tunneling through tor, or other socks5 proxies.
- Added support for zlib compressed tunnels
- Added basic unit-tests!
- Added crash report feature and auto-restart on crash.
v0.2.1 2010.10.12
- Added support for --defaults and --settings
- Renamed from to
v0.2.0 2010.09.22
- First alpha-testing release.
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