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Custom Sidebars

There are times when default sidebars just aren't enough. So, DMS makes it incredibly easy to add new ones.

To create custom sidebars in DMS, you simply need the Sidebar Manager Light plugin, available at

The plugin will facilitate your creation of customized sidebars that will work with all widgetized sections such as Columizer, Primary Sidebar and Widgetizer.

Creating Custom Sidebars

Once the plugin has been installed, navigate to WordPress Administrator Dashboard → Sidebar Manager → Add Sidebar and choose a name and description for your new sidebar. Save your changes and the sidebar will appear Appearance → Widgets.

You will now be able to add widgets to your custom sidebar.

You can assign your custom sidebars by dragging and dropping one of the widgetized sections such as Columizer, Primary Sidebar and Widgetizer to your template and configure the section using the drop down menu to select your custom sidebar.