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The following steps take into consideration that you have already downloaded DMS to your computer.

Standard Installation

This will install DMS into your WordPress Themes folder

  • Login to your WordPress Administrator Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Appearance → Themes.
  • Select Install Themes and click Upload.
  • Browse your computer and locate the file.
  • Click Install Now to begin installation.

Manual Installation

If you encounter problems using the WordPress Theme Installer, you can manually install DMS using an FTP client.

  • To install using an FTP client, you will first need to extract the
  • Using an FTP client, access your host web server and navigate to the wp-content/themes directory.
  • Now upload the dms folder to wp-content/themes
  • Your structure should end up like this wp-content/themes/dms

Active Theme

Once DMS has been installed using one of the above methods, it will need to set as the active theme

  • Login to your WordPress Administrator Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Appearance → Themes.
  • From the available themes, click the activate link underneath DMS.
  • DMS should now be the active theme on your website.

Live Preview

The WordPress Live Preview will not display an accurate representation of PageLines DMS, due to WordPress not supporting LESS CSS. Therefore, when DMS is your active theme, Live Preview will be disabled.

Updating DMS

When an update for PageLines DMS is available, you will be notified within the WordPress Admin Dashboard. Simply click the update link and DMS will automatically update to the latest version

Keeping PageLines DMS up-to-date will ensure that you have the fastest and most reliable version available.