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Website Starter on AWS

This boilerplate is a component of the Page Mosaic Web Platform.

This starter kit offers an optimal solution for hosting static websites on Amazon Web Services (AWS). To deploy your website, simply transfer your website files to the /platform/web-app directory. Following this, execute the command pnpm deploy-platform to initiate the deployment process.

What You Will Receive

Upon successful deployment of the website resources to your AWS account, you will obtain:

  • A CDN distribution for your static website, accessible through a uniquely generated AWS URL.
  • An S3 bucket, serving as the storage location for your website's files.

Additionally, this README includes a step-by-step video tutorial guiding you through the process of setting up a custom domain name for your website.

Set Up Your AWS Environment

  • Create an administrative user on AWS and configure AWS CLI locally, as demonstrated in the video tutorial linked below:

    SSL certificate issuing

  • Use the following command to install the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) Toolkit globally on your system:

npm install -g aws-cdk

Set Up Project Source Code

  • Clone repository:
git clone
  • Navigate to folder::
cd pagemosaic-website-starter
  • Install dependencies:
pnpm install
  • Configure environment:
    • Copy .env.example to .env
    • Set:
      • AWS_REGION - your region on AWS
      • AWS_PROFILE_NAME - your SSO user name
      • STACK_NAME - AWS Stack name you prefer

Configure a Custom Domain Name and SSL Certificate

  • Initially, purchase a domain name from a domain registrar of your choice.
  • Once you have your domain name, navigate to the AWS Management Console in your browser.
  • Request a new SSL certificate for your domain, as demonstrated in the video tutorial linked below.

    SSL certificate issuing

  • Configure environment:
    • CERTIFICATE_ARN - This is the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of your AWS SSL certificate. Copy the ARN value as shown in the video tutorial.
    • DOMAIN_NAMES - Specify your domain name here, along with any subdomains, separated by commas.


  • Run CDK Bootstrap (only once if not previously done):
pnpm bootstrap-platform
  • Execute CDK deployment:
pnpm deploy-platform
  • Look for WebsiteDomainName in the output and visit the URL.

Associate a Custom Domain Name with Your Website CDN

After setting up your custom domain name and obtaining a validated SSL certificate (as detailed in the previous section), you can proceed to bind the custom domain to your website's Content Delivery Network (CDN). Follow these steps to complete the process:

  • Ensure you have a custom domain name and a validated SSL certificate, as shown in the previous tutorial.
  • Watch the following video tutorial to learn how to bind your custom domain to the website CDN.

    Custom domain name for website CND

  • Once the binding process is complete, open a web browser and enter your domain name address to view your website.
  • Please note: DNS records may take some time to propagate, potentially up to 24 hours, before your website becomes accessible via the new domain name.

Add Website Files

  • Transfer all your static website files into the /platform/web-app directory.
  • Important: Make sure to include an index.html file within the /platform/web-app directory. This file acts as the starting point of your website.
  • Run the deployment command again to update your website. The deployment process is optimized to intelligently update only the static files in the S3 bucket, avoiding unnecessary operations.
pnpm deploy-platform

Clean up

  • Remove deployment:
pnpm destroy-platform


For questions, visit: Discuss Website Starter

Follow Alex Pust on Twitter for updates on the Page Mosaic Web Platform development.




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