High performance, static websites for PHP developers
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High performance, static websites for PHP developers.

composer create-project pageon/stitcher

Why Stitcher?

Stitcher differs from many other static site generator in two areas. First of all: performance is key. Stitcher is built from its core for high performance websites. All tools available to you put performance on the first place. Secondly, it doesn't try to add extra syntax to existing formats. Stitcher provides a robust set of tools for developers to build with, and not a lot of hacks so everything fits in one file.

Also important to note, included with Stitcher:

  • Automatic image optimization, as easy as image.srcset
  • HTTP/2 server push support
  • Markdown, YAML and JSON
  • Twig and Smarty support
  • Data set overviews and details; pagination, sorting and filtering
  • Built-in SASS support
  • JavaScript and CSS minification
  • Built-in SEO and meta tag optimizations

A quick look at Stitcher:

# site.yml

    template: blog
        posts: data/blog.yml
    template: blog.post
        post: data/blog.yml
            variable: post
            field: id
# data/blog.yml

    date: 2017-03-10
    highlight: false
    title: Hello world
    content: blog/hello.md
    image: hello_world.jpg

    date: 2017-03-14
    highlight: true
    title: Foo Bar
    content: blog/far_bar.md
    image: foo_bar.jpg 
<!-- blog.post.html --> 

{% extends 'index.html' %}

{% block content %}
        <h1>{{ blog.title }}</h1>
       <img src="{{ blog.image.src }}" 
            srcset="{{ blog.image.srcset }}" 
            sizes="{{ blog.image.sizes }}" alt="{{ blog.image.alt }}"/>
        {{ blog.content }}
{% endblock %}

You can read more about it on the Stitcher website.