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devel: open source google's mod_pagespeed development tools

These are the scripts and Makefiles we've been using to develop mod_pagespeed.  These were in a google-internal repo instead of being open sourced for complicated internal reasons, but now mod_pagespeed developers inside and outside google can use the same tools and flow.

This change adds a bunch of make targets.  To see them, look at the big comment at the top of devel/Makefile.  To run them, cd to devel/ and run make:

   cd devel/
   make apache_debug_smoke_test

This change also adds 'checkin' tests, which are a way to run all our tests together, so we can be confident a change doesn't break any of them.  To run checkin tests:

   cd devel/

They're pretty slow: about 2hr on my machine.  Definitely don't bother runnning checkin tests until unit tests and system tests have passed first.
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