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etag not set on gzip-encoded resources in 1.3.6 #70

jeffkaufman opened this Issue November 20, 2012 · 9 comments

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Jeff Kaufman Otto van der Schaaf VidyutK
Jeff Kaufman

To reproduce:

curl -D- -H 'Accept-Encoding: gzip' http://localhost:8050/mod_pagespeed_example/styles/yellow.css.pagespeed.ce.lzJ8VcVi1l.css| head -n 15


curl -D- http://localhost:8050/mod_pagespeed_example/styles/yellow.css.pagespeed.ce.lzJ8VcVi1l.css| head -n 15

Note that the latter has Etag: W/"0" while the former does not.

This fails in nginx 1.3.6 but not in 1.2.4.

Jeff Kaufman

New versions of nginx have a call to ngx_http_clear_etag(r) at the end of their ngx_http_gzip_header_filter(). We're setting a weak etag, and then nginx is removing it.

While nginx would be right to remove a strong etag (because it's gzip-compressing and so changing bytes) I think it should not be removing a weak one.

On the other hand, these resource are all cacheable for a year and have a content-hash in the url, so the etag shouldn't be needed. Looking at the mod_pagespeed source and talking to people here it's to work around an image caching bug with IE8. It's possible that this only applies if we also send a Vary header, which neither we nor mod_pagespeed currently do on images. I'm going to run some tests on IE8's caching.

Jeff Kaufman

Test page:

Serves with headers:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 21:07:00 GMT
Server: Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu)
Last-Modified: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 21:03:35 GMT
Content-Length: 18833
Cache-Control: max-age=31536000
Expires: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 21:03:35 GMT
Content-Type: image/jpeg

These are identical to what mod_pagespeed gives you, except that would contain an Etag:

Etag: W/"0"

In IE8, through webpagetest, we get:

which shows that IE8's caching worked properly.

Here's the same image loaded directly from, served with Etag:

Caching also works, which is what we would expect.

This suggests to me that we can remove the Etag-setting from mod_pagespeed and remove checking for it from the system test.

Jeff Kaufman

To be thorough I also tested on the other browsers webpagestest supports:

All of them cache the image for the repeat view.

Jeff Kaufman

I've taken this up internally; on hold for now.

Otto van der Schaaf
  • I remember that PageSpeed Insight may complain about not having an Etag: W/"0", we will loose points :-)
  • Images should not have a gzip encoding, I would expect the etag to be left as-is by nginx? Your test case does not have the vary header in it, so I would expect it to succeed.
  • For compressible content types, I would expect nginx not only to remove (or alternatively recompute or weaken) the etag, but also append a vary: accept-encoding header. That vary header is where some versions of IE http caching will have trouble behaving I think.
Jeff Kaufman

Another solution would be to add a new filter that runs as late as possible, after gzipping, and ads etags for .pagespeed. resources.

Otto van der Schaaf
oschaaf commented May 06, 2013

working on this one

Jeff Kaufman

Fixed by #340, released in

Jeff Kaufman jeffkaufman closed this May 17, 2013

I'm still getting this problem. Using nginx-extras from dotdeb.

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