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Intermittent: rewrite_css,sprite_images sprites images in CSS #92

jeffkaufman opened this Issue Nov 27, 2012 · 1 comment

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TEST: rewrite_css,sprite_images sprites images in CSS.
      Fetching http://localhost:8050/mod_pagespeed_example/sprite_images.html?ModPagespeedFilters=rewrite_css,sprite_images   -H -p -S -o /tmp/mod_pagespeed_test.jefftk/fetched_directory/wget_output.txt -nd -P /tmp/mod_pagespeed_test.jefftk/fetched_directory -e robots=off until $(grep -c = 1
wget -q   -H -p -S -o /tmp/mod_pagespeed_test.jefftk/fetched_directory/wget_output.txt -nd -P /tmp/mod_pagespeed_test.jefftk/fetched_directory -e robots=off http://localhost:8050/mod_pagespeed_example/sprite_images.html?ModPagespeedFilters=rewrite_css,sprite_images and checking with grep -c
css is Binary file /tmp/mod_pagespeed_test.jefftk/fetched_directory/sprite_images.html?ModPagespeedFilters=rewrite_css,sprite_images matches
basename: extra operand `/tmp/mod_pagespeed_test.jefftk/fetched_directory/sprite_images.html?ModPagespeedFilters=rewrite_css,sprite_images'
Try `basename --help' for more information.
css file = /tmp/mod_pagespeed_test.jefftk/fetched_directory/
     check [ 0 -gt 0 ]
     failure at line 416
@jeffkaufman jeffkaufman was assigned Nov 27, 2012
Google PageSpeed member

haven't seen this in months

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