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Building PSOL From Source

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Most people will be fine using the binary distribution of PSOL to build ngx_pagespeed the standard way but if that isn't working for you or you want to make changes that require changing the PSOL core, then you need to build PSOL from source.

First build mod_pagespeed against the current revision we work at:

$ mkdir -p ~/bin
$ cd ~/bin
$ svn co
$ export PATH=$PATH:~/bin/depot_tools
$ mkdir ~/mod_pagespeed
$ cd ~/mod_pagespeed
$ gclient config
$ gclient sync --revision src@2748 --force --jobs=1
$ cd src/
$ make"$PWD/build/wrappers/" \"$PWD/build/wrappers/" \
       BUILDTYPE=Release \
       mod_pagespeed_test pagespeed_automatic_test

(See mod_pagespeed: build from source if you run into trouble, or ask for help on the mailing list.)

Then build the pagespeed optimization library:

$ cd ~/mod_pagespeed/src/net/instaweb/automatic
$ make"$PWD/../../../build/wrappers/" \"$PWD/../../../build/wrappers/" \

While make all will always report an error, as long as it creates pagespeed_automatic.a you have what you need.

Check out ngx_pagespeed:

$ cd ~
$ git clone

Download and build nginx:

$ # check for the latest version
$ wget
$ tar -xvzf nginx-1.2.8.tar.gz
$ cd nginx-1.2.8/
$ MOD_PAGESPEED_DIR="$HOME/mod_pagespeed/src" ./configure \
$ make install

This assumes you put everything in your home directory; if not, change paths appropriately. All paths need to be absolute.

For a debug build, remove the BUILDTYPE=Release option when running make mod_pagespeed_test pagespeed_automatic_test and add the flag --with-debug to ./configure --add-module=....

If you're testing this and don't want to install this as root, which is a good idea, you can use --prefix, as in ./configure --add-module=... --prefix=$HOME/nginx and then nginx will install to a single directory inside your home directory.

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