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This plugin adds support for a ${clipboard} editor variable in <oXygen/> XML Editor
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${clipboard} editor variable for oXygen Release

This plugin adds support for new editor variable ${clipboard} which can be used to access clipboard content in plain text in XML Editor.

When using ${clipboard} (e.g. in a code template) it will insert the contents from your clipboard in plain text.

The editor variable may be used in all contexts where oXygen allows to use editor variables. When using oXygen 18.1 or above it will also show up in the context menu of the "green arrow"" variable chooser:

${clipboard} in oXygen 18.1 custom variables list

Download & Install

oXygen Addon installation

  1. In the oXygen menu, open Help » Install new add-ons...
  2. In the field Show add-ons from, add this URL:
  3. The ClipboardEditorVariable add-on will be displayed. Follow the steps to install it and restart oXygen.
  4. Optional: check Enable automatic updates checking in Options » Preferences » Add-ons to get update notifications

Manual installation

  1. Check the releases page to get the latest distribution.
  2. Download and unzip the file.
  3. Copy the folder clipboardEditorVariable/ to your local oXygen plugin directory
  • e.g. C:\Program Files\Oxygen XML Editor 17\plugins\
  1. Restart oXygen


ClipboardEditorVariable plugin is released under the terms of the MIT License.

Copyright © 2016 pagina GmbH Publikationstechnologien, Tübingen, Germany

Building the plugin


Run mvn clean package to trigger a ZIP + folder build in target/ directory:

  • target/
  • target/clipboardEditorVariable/

Install to Maven

Run mvn clean install to install the current version of the plugin in your local Maven repository.


To debug plugin internals follow the oXygen users guide at

Deploy to oXygen

On Mac OS X you can deploy the plugin automatically to the oXygen plugins directory in /Applications/OXYGEN-DIR/plugins/

Commandline (Mac only)

mvn clean install -Doxygen.plugins.dir=/Applications/oxygen-17/plugins/

Eclipse (Windows & Mac)

  • Add a Maven launch scenario
  • Set the Goal to install
  • Add a new Parameter:
    • Name: oxygen.plugins.dir
    • Value: /Applications/oxygen-17/plugins/
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