Turns a Gist (written in Markdown) into a nice web page.
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Pagist: Turn a Gist into a nice looking web page

Pagist is a small web app that turns a Gist into a nice-looking web page.

MathJax is included so you can write beautiful math. See an example, or a kitchen sink.

Contributions welcomed!


How To Use

Go to gist.github.com and create a Gist.

  • The description of the Gist becomes the page title.
  • Make sure to put in the filename as something.md, and write something in Markdown.

Now, from a Gist URL, let's say, https://gist.github.com/3899155

  1. Remove the s from https.
  2. Insert pa before gist.

The URL becomes http://pagist.github.com/3899155

See an example


Supports Markdown. You can write HTML (including scripts and styles) there too.

To Do

  • Support custom layout.