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quick install of wordpress on pagoda box
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Quickstart Explanation

The following is an explanation of how this Quickstart was created so you can use it as a guide in creating your own Quickstarts.

  • Config File: Because Pagoda Box needs a different config file than a local version of the site, we created a new directory in the root of the project called "pagoda" and created a pagoda version of the config file there. Then we created an After Build deploy hook in the Boxfile that moved that file from pagoda/wp-config.php to wp-config.php. Also, in place of the static database credentials, we used the auto-created environment variables.
        - "mv pagoda/wp-config.php wp-config.php"
  • Database Component: An empty database was created by adding a db component to the Boxfile.
            name: wp-db
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