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Running the example

The application is completely self-contained. You should just be able to import it into Android Studio and everything should work out of the box.

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Using the SDK

While we are working to open up the source code of the SDK, you can already use its binary version.

The SDK is used through a singleton.

To initialize the Singleton instance of the SDK, invoke the following method when the program starts:


To initiate a payment, you must use the following method:

PagoPaCore.getInstance().startPayment(@NonNull Activity activityHost, @NonNull String idPayment, PpaSessionCallback callback);
  • activityHost represents the activity from which the SDK screens will be shown
  • idPayment represents the payment id
  • callback is an interface that lets you know if the request was successful. In case of success, it returns the PpaPaymentVm object, containing the payment information.
// A random payment ID, just to serve as an example.
//It needs to be replaced by the real one
String idPayment = UUID.randomUUID().toString();

PagoPaCore.getInstance().startPayment(this, idPayment, new

PpaSessionCallback() {
  public void onPaymentCompleted(PpaPaymentVm payment) {
    // Here the payment has been completed.
    // The payment object contains the following data:

    // Amount
    String amount = payment.getAmount();

    // E-mail, associated to the payment
    String email = payment.getEmail();

    // Name of the person paying
    String name = payment.getName();

    // Name of the payment receiver
    String receiver = payment.getReceiver();

    // Reason/Subject of the payment
    String subject = payment.getSubject();

  public void onPaymentFailed() {
    // If we get here, payment has failed.

  public void onPaymentAbortedByUser() {
    // Payment has been aborted by user.



Licensed under the BSD-3-Clause license agreement. See LICENSE for further details. The WalletCore-SDK-all library, interacting with the core data of a card, is not part of this repository and is not licensed under BSD-3-Clause, and it is only distributed under binary form, in order to be compliant with the PCI certification. You can use and redistribute the binary component as you wish, but with no warranty whatsoever. Please see its license (in Italian) for further details and the full text of the license.