Pahakia libraries include fault (the once for all exception), apt, annotation-registry and settings.
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A collection of java libraries including:

  1. pahakia-fault
    Fault - the once-for-all exception, see blog:
  2. pahakia-apt
    Annotation processing at build/compile time.
    All annotated classes are recorded in META-INF/annotated-classes.
    It works both with Eclipse and Maven.
  3. pahakia-annotation-registry
    Build a registry from all META-INF/annotated-classes on classpath, keyed by annotation name.
  4. pahakia-settings
    Centralize program settings in one place: Settings.
    Individual setting can be defined so that it can:
    1. be validated
    2. have default value.
    The library provides the following pre-defined setting descriptors:
    1. BooleanSetting: true or false
    2. PatternSetting: pattern in regular expression
    3. RangeSetting: range between 2 integers
    4. ValidValuesSetting: list of valid value strings
    You can define additional setting descriptors by inheriting SettingBase.
    To retrieve a setting value, call a get... method on the setting descriptor, i.e.
    BooleanSetting bs = new BooleanSetting("", "if consider holiday", false);
    // NOTE: the above must be defined as constant in a class annotated with @RuntimeSettings.
    boolean considerHoliday = bs.getBoolean();