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Adversarial Time-to-Event Modeling (ICML 2018)

This repository contains the TensorFlow code to replicate experiments in our paper Adversarial Time-to-Event Modeling (ICML 2018):

  title={Adversarial Time-to-Event Modeling},
  author={Chapfuwa, Paidamoyo and Tao, Chenyang and Li, Chunyuan and Page, Courtney and Goldstein, Benjamin and Carin, Lawrence and Henao, Ricardo},

This project is maintained by Paidamoyo Chapfuwa. Please contact for any relevant issues.


The code is implemented with the following dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt


We consider the following datasets:

  • Flchain
  • SEER
  • EHR (a large study from Duke University Health System centered around inpatient visits due to comorbidities in patients with Type-2 diabetes)

For convenience, we provide pre-processing scripts of all datasets (except EHR). In addition, the data directory contains downloaded Flchain and SUPPORT datasets.

Model Training

The code consists of 3 models: DATE, DATE-AE and DRAFT. For each model, please modify the train scripts with the chosen datasets: dataset is set to one of the three public datasets {flchain, support, seer}, the default is support.

  • To train DATE or DATE_AE model (When simple=True (default), DATE is chosen. Otherwise, modify in
  • To train DRAFT model

Metrics and Visualizations

Once the networks are trained and the results are saved, we extract the following key results:

  • Training and evaluation metrics are logged in model.log
  • Epoch based cost function plots can be found in the plots directory
  • To evaluate and plot generated time-to-event distribution we provide raw results in the matrix directory
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