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My first development project that I got paid for (Written for the Symbol SPT 1846 PalmOS 4.0 handheld.)
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This project was generated by Palm OS Application wizard in
CodeWarrior Development Studio for Palm OS, version 9.0.

General information:

Setting                 Value
------------------      -------------------------------------
Palm OS SDK version     5.0
Exception Handling      Disabled
Expanded Mode           Disabled

Initially this project contains the following files:

Source and Header Files
BarCodeScanner.cpp      Application source file
BarCodeScanner.h        Application header file

Resource Files
BarCodeScanner_Rsc.rcp  PilRC resource description file
BarCodeScanner_Rsc.h    PilRC-generated, resource-ID header file

Bitmap Files
icon-lg-1.bmp			Application icon (Black-and-white, low-density, large)
icon-lg-2.bmp			Application icon (Grayscale, low-density, large)
icon-lg-8.bmp			Application icon (Color, low-density, large)
icon-lg-1-d144.bmp		Application icon (Black-and-white, double-density, large)
icon-lg-2-d144.bmp		Application icon (Grayscale, double-density, large)
icon-lg-8-d144.bmp		Application icon (Color, double-density, large)
icon-sm-1.bmp			Application icon (Black-and-white, low-density, small)
icon-sm-2.bmp			Application icon (Grayscale, low-density, small)
icon-sm-8.bmp			Application icon (Color, low-density, small)
icon-sm-1-d144.bmp		Application icon (Black-and-white, double-density, small)
icon-sm-2-d144.bmp		Application icon (Grayscale, double-density, small)
icon-sm-8-d144.bmp		Application icon (Color, double-density, small)

The supplied icon is a generic template, supplying a black or blue disc with
a stylus, similar to the default icon used by Palm OS for applications without
icons.  We have provided this as a starting point for your own icon efforts.
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