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2016 Presidential Campaign Speeches

This repository contains a selection of campaign speeches given by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Note: In most cases, these are the speeches as released or published by the candidates' own campaigns, sourced from their websites. Thus, these texts do not usually include ad libbed remarks by the candidates (this is more of an issue with Trump than Clinton).

The selection was originally created for a text mining workshop for a history class. I began with the speeches available at the UCSB American Presidency Project (, and then added further speeches from the candidates' websites and major news outlets.

As of October 25th, I have added the text of the three presidential debates, separated by speaker, in the presidential-debates folder.

Each subfolder inside presidential-debates includes the full text of the debate (obtained from the New York Times transcripts), the PHP script used to separate the full text into separate files by speaker (originally published by the VoyantTools twitter account:, and the files for each speaker, including moderators (in case anyone wants to examine the moderators' words in comparison with the two candidates' words.)

The PHP script is essentially the same; all that has been changed is the names of the moderators in line 7.

I intend to keep on adding speeches to each of the candidates' individual folders over time.


2016 Presidential Campaign Speeches



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