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Sketch Data Faker

Sketch Data Faker enables you to insert random, yet predictable content into your Sketch files. You can specify what type of content to insert for each layer.

  • You can choose from 130+ types of data including Full Name, Email Address, Telephone, Paragraph, etc
  • It will insert a random version of that data into the layer that you specify
  • You can refresh that layer over and over to get a different version of that same type of data
  • It also works inside symbols. This means one duplicated symbol can have different random content of the same type (i.e. creating a list of names in a table)
  • It also works with symbols imported from Sketch Libraries


  • To use Sketch Data Faker, install the plugin by double-clicking on the sketch-data-faker.sketchplugin file.

How to Use

  • Once installed, data will become available to you in the native Sketch Data Menu just like other types of data.
  • You can view more about how to use Sketch's Data features here:

There are 2 ways to use it: Manual and Automatic (Recommended)

  • In manual mode, you select one of the default types of data that Sketch Data Faker has made available in the dropdown menu. No setup/changes to your Sketch file needed, but there are only a few types of data available
  • In automatic mode, you can insert much more data - over 130 types of data, by renaming your text layer with the name of the content you want. Refer to the chart below for the names to use.

Using Manual Mode

  1. To use manual mode, right-click on a text layer. Inside the Data Feeds menu that, look for Sketch Data Faker.
  2. Inside there you can choose the type of data you want to insert into your layer. For example if you choose Full Name, your layer will now be replaced with a random full name (i.e. Jane Doe).
  • The layer text will be replaced with whatever type of data you chose.
  • It's now linked up permanently and good to go, so you can refresh the data to get different content of the same type
  • It also works inside symbols and library imports, offering unique content for each layer

Using Automatic Mode (Recommended)

  1. In automatic mode you first rename your layer to tell the plugin what type of data you want to receive (see the chart below for all the data types you can use).
  2. Then, you right-click on the layer and go to the Data Feeds menu, and inside Sketch Data Faker, choose the Auto (Layer Name) option. This tells the plugin to read your layer name and insert that type of data. You only need to do this once per layer and you can do it to multiple layers at the same time
  • Your layer text will now be replaced with data matching what you asked for
  • You can refresh to get different content of the same type
  • It also works inside symbols and library imports, offering unique content for each layer

Automatic Mode Content Types

  • The chart below has the data types (i.e. address.zipCode) that you can choose from.
  • Make sure to use the exact spelling including capitalization and the "."

Quick examples:

  • To insert a US Zip Code, rename your text layer address.zipCode
  • To insert a Street Name, rename your text layer address.streetName
  • To insert a random sentence, rename your text layer lorem.sentence
  • To insert a Company Name, rename your text layer company.companyName
  • To insert a Domain Name, rename your text layer internet.domainName
  • There are words, colours, cities, states, prices, product names, verbs, adjectives, catch phrases, buzzwords, and more.

Layer Renaming Helper

If you want help renaming your layers, Sketch Data Faker provides a menu inside the Sketch Plugin menuitem that will allow you to change your layer names without typing:

  1. In Sketch, select the layer(s) you want to rename
  2. Go to Plugins -> Sketch Data Faker -> Set Layer Name and choose the type of content you want to insert into that layer

2b. You can repeat this process for all layers you want to insert new content into

  1. With the layers still selected in Sketch, set the data source* Data -> Sketch Data Faker -> Auto (Layer name)
  2. Watch as all your selected layers get replaced with new content!

*You can find the Data menu either by: Right-click on a selected layer, Control-click on a selected layer, from the Layer menu item in Sketch

Full List of Available Content

You can name your layer to of these Layer Names below. Remember to follow the category.type format (i.e., not just city).


Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
US ZipCpde address.zipCode "90210" Text Faker.js
City "East Zelmatown" Text Faker.js
City Prefix address.cityPrefix "New", "North" Text Faker.js
City Suffix address.citySuffix "land", "ton", "shire" Text Faker.js
Street Name address.streetName "Jeromy Drive" Text Faker.js
Street Address address.streetAddress "29530 Abbott Point" Text Faker.js
Street Suffix address.streetSuffix "Isle" , "Way", "Square" Text Faker.js
Street Preffix address.streetPrefix "a", "b", "c" Text Faker.js
Secondary Address address.secondaryAddress "Apt. 165" Text Faker.js
County address.county "Cambridgeshire" Text Faker.js
Country "Bangladesh", "Cuba" Text Faker.js
Country Code address.countryCode "CA", "US" , "SL" Text Faker.js
State address.state "Wisconsin", "Ohio" Text Faker.js
State Abbr address.stateAbbr "WI", "IN" Text Faker.js
Latitude address.latitude "0.2228" Text Faker.js
Longitude address.longitude "112.5458" Text Faker.js

Product Names and Descriptions

Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
Colo(u)r commerce.color "mint green", "gold" Text Faker.js
Department commerce.department "Shoes", "Tools", "Beauty" Text Faker.js
Product Name commerce.productName "Licensed Soft Keyboard" Text Faker.js
Price commerce.price "192.00", "681.00" Text Faker.js
Product Adjective commerce.productAdjective "Fantastic", "Handmade" Text Faker.js
Product Material commerce.productMaterial "Plastic", "Granite" Text Faker.js
Product commerce.product "Tuna", "Gloves", "Soap" Text Faker.js

Company Names and Descriptions

Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
Company Suffixes company.suffixes "Inc,and Sons,LLC,Group" Text Faker.js
Company Name company.companyName "Harvey Group" Text Faker.js
Company Suffix company.companySuffix "Inc", "LLC" Text Faker.js
Catch Phrase company.catchPhrase "Down-sized analyzing toolset" Text Faker.js
BS Phrase "seamless synergize e-commerce" Text Faker.js
Adjective company.catchPhraseAdjective "Ergonomic", "Integrated" Text Faker.js
Descriptor company.catchPhraseDescriptor "tertiary" , "holistic", "intangible" Text Faker.js
Noun company.catchPhraseNoun "collaboration", "throughput" Text Faker.js
BS Adjective company.bsAdjective "efficient", "global" Text Faker.js
Buzz company.bsBuzz "grow", "expedite", "drive" Text Faker.js
Noun company.bsNoun "convergence", "content", "e-commerce" Text Faker.js


Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
Database Column database.column "createdAt", "category" Text Faker.js
Database Type database.type "boolean", "tinyint", "time" Text Faker.js
Database Collation database.collation "utf8_unicode_ci", "utf8_bin" Text Faker.js
Database Engine database.engine "InnoDB", "CVS" Text Faker.js


Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
Past Full Date date.past "Sun Feb 18 2018 11:12:04 GMT+0100 (CET)" Text Faker.js
Future Full Date date.future "Thu Jan 17 2020 04:00:24 GMT+0100 (CET)" Text Faker.js
Recent Full Date date.recent "Sat Nov 24 2018 19:59:37 GMT+0100 (CET)" Text Faker.js
Month date.month "October" Text Faker.js
Weekday date.weekday "Thursday" Text Faker.js


Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
Account Number finance.account "54352123" Text Faker.js
Account Name/Type finance.accountName "Savings Account" Text Faker.js
Last 4 finance.mask "7577", "2558" Text Faker.js
Amount finance.amount "690.53", "946.42" Text Faker.js
Transaction Type finance.transactionType "payment" , deposit" Text Faker.js
Currency Code finance.currencyCode "SYP", "USD", "CAD" Text Faker.js
Currency Name finance.currencyName "Turkish Lira", "Nuevo Sol" Text Faker.js
Currency Symbol finance.currencySymbol "$", "ден", "﷼", "$U" Text Faker.js
Bitcoin Address finance.bitcoinAddress "1MBD5F25RM4J0SO7IFLK9K6JXZGUZ" Text Faker.js
iban finance.iban "CH65279625495775545L7" Text Faker.js
bic finance.bic "HBMOHMJ1" Text Faker.js


Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
Abbreviation hacker.abbreviation "FTP", "RAM", "SQL" Text Faker.js
Adjective hacker.adjective "solid state", "back-end" Text Faker.js
Noun hacker.noun "driver", "system" Text Faker.js
Verb hacker.verb "quantify", "input" Text Faker.js
ing-verb hacker.ingverb "calculating", "backing up" Text Faker.js
Hacker Phrase hacker.phrase "Use the online AGP system, then you can hack the haptic card!" Text Faker.js


Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
Email "" Text Faker.js
@example Email internet.exampleEmail "" Text Faker.js
Username internet.userName "Liana_Crooks20", "Alexandrine7" Text Faker.js
Protocol internet.protocol "https", "http" Text Faker.js
URL internet.url "", "" Text Faker.js
Domain Name internet.domainName "", "" Text Faker.js
Domain Suffix internet.domainSuffix "org", "net", "com" Text Faker.js
Domain Word internet.domainWord "davon", "sunny" Text Faker.js
IP Address internet.ip "" Text Faker.js
IPv6 Address internet.ipv6 "f270:ba3a:d670:93c0:eded:1e9b:70bd:feb8" Text Faker.js
User Agent internet.userAgent "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/5.1)" Text Faker.js
Colo(u)r internet.color "#3d5e37" Text Faker.js
MAC Address internet.mac "fb:d0:06:f8:b0:c8" Text Faker.js
Password internet.password "gO40I5BVEUfetWO", "kUrNsxJa3yXoYr_" Text Faker.js


Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
Word lorem.word "rerum" Text Faker.js
Words lorem.words "sed sapiente rerum" Text Faker.js
Sentence lorem.sentence "Itaque quia temporibus odio deserunt." Text Faker.js
Slug lorem.slug "voluptas-qui-eius" Text Faker.js
Sentences lorem.sentences "Vitae sint tenetur porro odit id earum. Consequatur blanditiis sit voluptate doloribus quis eligendi repudiandae voluptatibus nihil. Dolor omnis magni reiciendis voluptatum asperiores tempora. Velit animi distinctio illum quisquam." Text Faker.js
Paragraph lorem.paragraph "Amet praesentium magni quia voluptas nam molestias itaque consequatur. Iste minima voluptatum incidunt accusamus. Aut neque suscipit vel ratione nihil itaque." Text Faker.js
Paragraphs lorem.paragraphs "Amet laudantium eius distinctio molestiae est aliquid aut nesciunt est. Deleniti atque ab. Quasi officia dicta aut. Vel sunt sed occaecati ipsam placeat est a quia. Doloremque aliquam aperiam qui sit officia reprehenderit repellendus id quae. Enim sed id quos ut debitis explicabo sunt necessitatibus cupiditate. Vero aut sunt est. Impedit quis incidunt eum reprehenderit est qui enim sint. Blanditiis consequuntur dolorum vitae aut autem atque ratione. Ea qui dolorem. Ratione reprehenderit amet quia tempore temporibus deserunt. Ipsam ducimus adipisci occaecati. Inventore totam eveniet asperiores sit voluptatem aut rem impedit. Sunt sunt aspernatur ad incidunt exercitationem fuga. Hic excepturi quis omnis ipsum a reprehenderit modi odit vel. Aliquam eos rerum." Text Faker.js
Text lorem.text "Aut iste libero unde." Text Faker.js
Lines lorem.lines "Et placeat nisi rem ut vitae sed dolore." Text Faker.js

Names and Job Titles

Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
First Name name.firstName "Jakayla", "Sally" Text Faker.js
Last Name name.lastName "Pollich", "Schuppe" Text Faker.js
Full Name name.findName "7577", "2558" Text Faker.js
Job Title name.jobTitle "Direct Web Developer" Text Faker.js
Prefix name.prefix "Mr." , Miss" Text Faker.js
Suffix name.suffix "II" Text Faker.js
Title name.title "Dynamic Identity Liaison" Text Faker.js
Job Descriptor name.jobDescriptor "Dynamic", "National" Text Faker.js
Job Area name.jobArea "Security", "Functionality" Text Faker.js
Job Type name.jobType "Agent", "Architect" Text Faker.js

Phone Numbers

Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
Phone Number phone.phoneNumber "226.634.3129 x7019" Text Faker.js
North America Phone Number phone.phoneNumberFormat "994-651-4933" Text Faker.js
Phone Formats phone.phoneFormats "###.###.####", "1-###-###-#### x####" Text Faker.js


Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
Random Number random.number "49109" Text Faker.js
uuid random.uuid "f41c75fd-c540-4727-b5df-db7ead603a83" Text Faker.js
boolean random.boolean "true", "false" Text Faker.js
Random word random.word "Avon", "magnetic" Text Faker.js
Random words random.words "6th generation", "matrix Myanmar auxiliary" Text Faker.js
Locale random.locale "en_US", "zh_CN" Text Faker.js
Random Letter or Number random.alphaNumeric "j", "4" Text Faker.js


Name Layer Name Example Data Data Type Data Source
File Name system.fileName "planner_ftp_bedfordshire.u32" Text Faker.js
Common File Name system.commonFileName "back_end_3rd_generation_chief.mp4" Text Faker.js
MIME Type system.mimeType "application/x-java-jnlp-file" Text Faker.js
Common File Type system.commonFileType "image", "video" Text Faker.js
File Extension system.fileExt "onepkg", "pls" Text Faker.js
Common File Ext system.commonFileExt "mp4", "jpeg" Text Faker.js
File Type system.fileType "image", "font" Text Faker.js
Version system.semver "2.6.9" Text Faker.js

Localization / Translations

Sketch Data Faker supports localization on all text strings, where Faker.js also supports it. In order to set a layer to a specific language or locale, append |xx to the end where xx is the local code.

For example, if you want a First Name to be German, you would use name.firstName|de as your layer name. If you want the product name to be in Canadian English, you would use commerce.productName|en_CA.

See the full list of locales below. Note that Sketch Data Faker will fall back to English if the locale code is wrong or if there is no available translation for that term.

List of Locales

  • az
  • cz
  • de
  • de_AT
  • de_CH
  • en
  • en_AU
  • en_BORK
  • en_CA
  • en_GB
  • en_IE
  • en_IND
  • en_US
  • en_ZA
  • en_au_ocker
  • es
  • es_MX
  • fa
  • fr
  • fr_CA
  • ge
  • id_ID
  • it
  • ja
  • ko
  • nb_NO
  • nep
  • nl
  • pl
  • pt_BR
  • pt_PT
  • ru
  • sk
  • sv
  • tr
  • uk
  • vi
  • zh_CN
  • zh_TW


  • 0.7.0 - Bring back ability to use in Symbols imported from Libraries
  • 0.6.1 - Revert work on library imports in order to fix bug with symbols
  • 0.6 - Use on text layers as part of library imports
  • 0.4 - New Feautre: i18n
  • 0.2.1 - New Feature: Layer renaming helper in plugin menu
  • 0.1.9 - New Feature: Ability to use on symbols

Data Source and Credits

All data is from the great faker.js project:


A Sketch plugin providing 130+ types of smart placeholder content for your mockups from Faker.js and other sources.




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