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This project contains the instant message notifier client. It aims at demonstrating a practical implementation of the ilmpclient library.

There are three different applications:

  • win32 system tray: Background notifier application, 'living' in the Windows system tray.
  • darwin status bar item: Background notifier application, 'living' in the Mac OS X status bar.
  • linux command line: Mainly for debugging purposes, but might be adapted to something useful.

Source checkout

There are two git submodule references in the source tree, ilmpclient and dsa_verify. After cloning the git repository you should checkout these dependencies using git submodule init; git submodule update.


The following environments should work:

  • Windows 2000+ w/ MinGW distro, builds for win32
  • Windows 2000+ w/cygwin (required packages: mingw libboost), builds for win32
  • Mac OS X 10.4+ w/Developer Tools w/compiled libboost, builds for darwin
  • Mac OS X 10.4+ w/Developer Tools w/darwinports libboost, builds for darwin
  • Debian Linux w/??? builds for linux, win32, darwin

A linux environment with is recommended. With MinGW one should be able to build the win32 notifier in a linux environment relatively painless. Internally, we also cross-compile for darwin on Debian Linux, but getting this set up is a little more tricky.

The makefile shows the supported builds on your platform. Use make info to list the available targets, then build one or more targets using, for instance, make linux-paiq-debug.

Using libboost

Both ilmpclient and the notifier rely on libboost. For most platforms installation is pretty straightforward. When cross-compiling make sure the boost_system library is (statically) available for your cross-compiling target.


The program sources are released under the GNU General Public License. The included icon and image resources are all rights reserved.