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PAIR code

Code repositories for projects from the People+AI Research (PAIR) Initiative

Popular repositories

  1. facets Public

    Visualizations for machine learning datasets

    Jupyter Notebook 6.8k 862

  2. lit Public

    The Language Interpretability Tool: Interactively analyze NLP models for model understanding in an extensible and framework agnostic interface.

    Python 2.7k 275

  3. saliency Public

    Framework-agnostic implementation for state-of-the-art saliency methods (XRAI, BlurIG, SmoothGrad, and more).

    Jupyter Notebook 757 169

  4. Source code/webpage/demos for the What-If Tool

    HTML 625 120

  5. umap-js Public

    JavaScript implementation of UMAP

    JavaScript 226 17

  6. A tool to help researchers and product teams understand datasets with the goal of improving data quality, and mitigating fairness and bias issues.

    CSS 182 15