An introduction to Cucumber & Gherkin with a dash of RSpec
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Cucumber Basics

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Limit: 30 minutes

Write a feature test in Gherkin and implement steps_definitions that best match the intended behaviours and features requested by the 'client'

  • The client is a Classy Hotel that caters to animals
  • They have created a script to track their clientele
  • The hotel manager wants the script to keep track of the name, type and age of every animal
  • Test the Animal object and ensure that it has the right output for its reader methods name, type, age, old?


  1. Checkout the sample feature & steps defs named greeter.feature & greeter_steps.rb
  2. clone your repo on to your computer
  3. cd into your directory
  4. bundle to pull in this project's dependencies
  5. navigate to features/animal.feature and write your feature
  6. navigate to features/step_definitions/animal_steps.rb and write your step defs