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Find The Anagrams

Skill Level: Beginner

An anagram is a word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters:

“Angel” is an anagram of “glean.”


The detect_anagram method detects if the words are anagrams or not. It relies on an unimplemented canonical method. Fill out canonical so that detect_anagram returns true when both words are anagrams of each other.

detect_anagram('angel', 'glean') #should == true
detect_anagram('glean', 'angel') #should == true
detect_anagram('pants', 'pants') #should == true
detect_anagram('CinEmA', 'iceman') #should == true
detect_anagram('defgh8', 'g8hefd') #should == true
detect_anagram('bird', 'house') #should == false


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