Create an application of your choice using the MVC pattern
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This is an intermediate level challenge for engineers familiar with...

  • Ruby syntax, methods & conventions
  • Object Oriented Programming



Create a command line script that mimics a game/application of your choice using the MVC pattern.

  • It should print a menu to screen and give player multiple options (i.e. start, play again, view help, exit, etc)
  • It should be object oriented and not expose important functionality
  • It should use the MVC pattern. Consider prints & puts as a part of your view.
  • Ideas to explore: Deaf Grandma, Customized 99 Bottles of Beer, Todos App, Choose Your Own Adventure

Submission Instructions

How to submit challenges on GitHub

  • Write your game/app
  • Pull down this repo and create your feature branch
  • Create a separate dir in the repo mkdir JaysGame
  • Move your code to this new dir
  • Add & commit as needed
  • Push your branch
  • Submit a pull request