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What's new in each version of Interchange
(since the version 5.2 branch)
Interchange 5.3.2 released on 2005-11-10.
* Implement new AccumulateCode and TagRepository directives. The rationale
-- There is a huge base of Interchange code, much of which is not
needed in even the standard catalog with full UI. This causes a
larger memory profile than necessary.
-- It is difficult to determine from the page code what code is
needed, especially when a [tag] can call a $Tag can call
a filter can call some sort of Action.
-- A feature is needed to allow building catalogs with a more
nearly optimal set of code than just "everything".
If AccumulateCode is no, operation is exactly as before. There have
been some code initialization changes and routine calling changes,
but the data structures are identical and no difference in operation
should be seen.
If you set AccumulateCode to "Yes" and specify a TagRepository that
contains all known UserTag, ActionMap, Filter, Widget, etc. etc.
code, Interchange starts accumulating and compiling these as
The code is sent to the master process for compilation and
incorporation, so that the next iteration of a page after HouseKeeping
seconds will find the code already compiled and ready to go.
Over time, as you access pages and routines, a full set of tags
will be developed and you can turn AccumulateCode to "No".
* Add HouseKeepingCron capability with cron-style execution of
Jobs, reconfig, restart, and other arbitrary tasks (using GlobalSub).
Uses Set::CronTab and a modified crontab format that includes
* Add more file tests than -f for [if file].
[if file-s catalog.cfg > 10000]
catalog.cfg size is greater than 10000
catalog.cfg size is not greater than 10000
[if file-w catalog.cfg]
catalog.cfg can be written
[if file-T catalog.cfg]
catalog.cfg is a text file
[if file-B catalog.cfg]
catalog.cfg is a binary file
The tests are standard Perl tests, supported are:
A B d e f g l M r s T u w x
* Add MIME support for [email ..] usertag, which allows you to easily
attach files or create HTML email.
]Here is the pdf.[/email]
* Improved Net::SMTP support.
* Add Discount spaces, which allows you to create switchable discount
spaces similar to the existing values-space functionality. The [discount-
space] usertag can be used to change the current discount namespace,
causing all subsequent discount-related tags and calculations to
operate from that particular
* Add CartTrigger, which allows for specification of any number of
subroutines (global or catalog subs, specified by name) to execute
whenever the contents of a shopping cart are changed via the standard
means available through CGI variable space.
* Add new "Feature" facility which allows easy installation of new
capabilities to Interchange.
* Add a directive alias feature to Vend::Config, with the following
DataDir == ProductDir
DefaultDataTables == ProductFiles
* Add ErrorDestination directive which allows you to route error
messages to different files. For example:
ErrorDestination "search error: %s" logs/search_errors.log
* Improved coverage for AutoModifier, allowing it to map arbitrary
item paramters/modifiers to arbitrary tables and columns.
* Add support for uploaded files in IC-in-mod_perl server mode,
supplied by Spencer Christensen <>.
* Add serialization of arbitrary values in UserDB on login/logout/save.
This allows adding extra form-initialization values for a user
(like mv_same_billing) without having to always create a new DB field.
* Make AutoLoad and AutoEnd accept multiple routines in different
configuration lines.
* Add "Help" option for display widgets, allowing tooltips on hovering
over an option.
* "Permanent more" facility allows you to create pageable searches
that are shared between people and are cacheable by search engines.
* Add DispatchRoutines code to allow inserting initialization code based
on directive/feature set. Previously, you would have to add a test
or branch in Vend::Dispatch -- now you can just push your routine on a
stack if appropriate.
CookieLogin, Autoload, DiscountSpaces, and Locale use this.
* Many minor changes to improve XHTML support.
* Add $Row object for accessing the current list row in embedded Perl.
* Add Vend::External mechanism for communication with PHP, Python, or Ruby.
* Fix bug in Glimpse search that caused mv_substring_match never to work.
Glimpse only allows setting substring or full word matches per search,
not per word, so if any word is flagged as a substring match, the whole
search is. Otherwise, it's a full word match.
* Levies fixes to allow conditional exclusives and return of false
values containing whitespace.
* Additional credit card types recognized, settable "Other" value
for default card. SpecialSub guess_cc_type allows custom card
recognition on a per-catalog basis.
* Add no_default_reparse to make the default Reparse setting false,
which can be (as always) overridden by the tag's Reparse setting, and
finally by the reparse=X tag attribute.
* Add more ability for DatabaseAuto to process Postgres definitions
and prevent addition of global schemas while possibly allowing
addition of views.
* Improve large-table performance on SQL databases that don't
support LIMIT (i.e. Oracle).
* Fix bug that prevented multiple-field searches from working, e.g.
* Add table to [import] error message.
* Controlling Interchange (add,remove,jobs) doesn't stop despite of a
stale PID file and kills the script it runs from (Debian bug #256093)
* Fix bug that prevented the use of "<filename" to slurp configuration contents
from a file.
* Various performance and reliability optimizations to the [menu ...]
tag and
* Changes to remove some warnings and make it easier to run with
-w flag.
* Break most all Widget, Filter, and OrderCheck function definitions
into individual files in the ICROOT/code tree. Remove the corresponding
fixed functions from Vend::Form, Vend::Interpolate, and Vend::Order.
* Fix X-Track headers so that they will always be canonical.
* Fixed bug that prevented catalog-level Sub definitions from being
recognized in CodeDef Routine directives.
* country_select and state_select widgets allow dynamic linkage of
a state/province widget with the country, based on a database.
* Add Description to most widgets.
* Create public and non-public visibility distinction allowing
you to build a list of widgets for selection.
* Escape HTML tags within ITL test code output.
* Customer Mailing added to edit permissions page.
* Fix the long-standing "page [cgi mv_data_table] not found" error on
return from meta_editor.
* Display "New item" in the HTML title of the item editor for new items.
* New page editor style, with possibility to add your own custom layout.
* User merge facility to allow order admins to merge customer accounts when
they order with additional IDs.
* Added several new display styles for the table editor.
* Change admin/miscfunction to have an editable links menu as well as
an editable Miscellaneous function menu.
* Add "Save Link" function that can help build a menu in the
admin/miscfunction page.
* Many minor table editor enhancements -- improved meta editing, views,
and customization.
* Fix [write-shipping] to support the changeable location of
* Fix references to [modifier-name] and [quantity-name] which would
cause problems when editing pages with an [item-list].
* Allow "Create menu from HTML" option to recognize <OPTION value=URL>Anchor
* Deprecate [sql] tag from MiniVend 3. Planned for removal in next major
Interchange version.
* Make secure image directory be set to something even if no
separate secure image directory within [image] UserTag.
* [jsq]/[jsqn] returns now the string '' if an empty string is the argument
in order to avoid JavaScript errors (found by John Rennie)
* Changes related to the makesize= parameter of [image] UserTag:
- Added resize= and geometry= aliases
- Expanded a regex, which only accepted an AxB size specification,
to permit complete format that mogrify supports:
AxB, A or xB, followed by up to two +-number offsets, followed by
none or one of @!%><.
URLs have the "%" character encoded: % = %25
Standard Demo
* Added new "Standard" demo based on the former contributed "mike" demo.
* New standard demo adds multi-page checkout.
* Removed foundation catalog, replaced with "standard" demo.
* New Ezic module supplied by Mark Lipscombe <>.
* New Business::OnlinePayment interface contributed by Ivan Kohler. See for available modules.
* use_wget option in Vend::Payment allows using the wget program
for fetching payment results. This may improve reliability of
some payment modules that use HTTPS.
Requires wget to be linked with an SSL library, of course.
* Add support for CVV (AuthorizeNet) and AVS (Echo) for some modules.
* Fix Linkpoint module so it nominally operates.
* Updated Vend::Payment::PRI code from Marty Tennison.
* Vend::Signio: Allow cert_path relative to IC root for PayFlow Pro
(akin to other default path attempts in $ICROOT and $ICROOT/lib).
* Continued translation of UI.
* Update of Italian UI translation thanks to Marco Mescoli.
* Added Vietnamese, Czech, and Greek UI translations thanks to
Clytie Siddall, Martin Sin and Gert van der Spoel.
* Add Interchange::Link (mod_perl 1.99/2.0 link program) by Mike Heins, which
optionally can replace vlink and tlink. It includes many features found in
mod_interchange and also a mechanism to deliver static files outside of
* Clean up vlink/tlink program code to remove cruft and make consistent.
* Bug fixes to Interchange::Link (mod_perl2 link module).
* Added te editor for tab-delimited files (Closes: #132757)
* Let demo catalog removal always succeed (Closes: #256093)
* Install te editor for tab-delimited files into /usr/bin.
... and many other changes.
Interchange 5.3.0 and 5.3.1 released only in nightly builds and via CVS.