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# File locations
RunDir var/run
ErrorFile var/log/error.log
ScratchDir var/tmp
ProductDir database
SessionDatabase var/session
VariableDatabase variable
VariableDatabase site
HTMLsuffix .itl
ParseVariables Yes
# Host configuration
VendURL http://__SERVER_NAME____CGI_URL__
SecureURL https://__SERVER_NAME____CGI_URL__
MailOrderTo __ORDERS_TO__
ImageDir __IMAGE_URL__/
# Custom functions
include code/*.*
# Profiles
OrderProfile profiles/*.profile
# Autoload
Autoload init
# Automatic components and attributes
Variable MV_COMPONENT_AUTO htmlhead:htmlhead topheader=search_box logo:logo menu:menu banner:title,menu_crumbs footer:footer body:infobox,categorynav,local_body
Variable MV_ATTRIBUTE_AUTO htmlhead.css=others title.size=2
Variable TITLE WellWell Shop
# Database settings
DatabaseAutoIgnore ^sql_
DatabaseAuto __SQLDSN__
NoImportExternal Yes
Database images AUTO_SEQUENCE images_code_seq
Database product_images AUTO_SEQUENCE product_images_code_seq
Database users KEY uid
Database users AUTO_SEQUENCE users_uid_seq
# Plugins
include plugins/{__PLUGINS__}/plugin.cfg
# Virtual pages
SpecialPage catalog index
SpecialPage target index
SpecialPage missing not_found
SpecialPage violation not_found
SpecialPage order cart
SpecialSub missing lookup_hook
SpecialSub order_missing order_missing
# Template settings
Pragma interpolate_itl_references
# User database configuration
UserDB default database users
UserDB default indirect_login email
UserDB default assign_username 0
UserDB default counter var/run/userdb.counter
UserDB default user_field uid
UserDB default time_field none
UserDB default pass_field password
UserDB default scratch "username email last_login created"
UserDB default crypt 0
# Routes and Orders
OrderCounter var/run/order.number
# Jobs
ParseVariables Yes
Jobs base_directory jobs
Jobs email __JOBS_TO__
Jobs log var/log/jobs.log
Jobs use_global 1
ParseVariables No