Suggestion: roleplaying power upgrade for bots #305

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in a nutshell, i was thinking that pajbot and his cousins could use a boost in roleplaying power, through visual representation.

sometimes bot posts just drown in the ocean of memes, so some 'theatrical' flare would do well to make them stand out(on stream). i.e., tossing on an animated graphic(i.e, meme head with text bubble) to usher in the incoming hsbet, etc.

note that this feature functions as a mass notification and at the same time must remain non-intrusive. for such i suggest its appearance be limited to only a few seconds.

countering the above point, however, for aesthetic value, there must also be an intro and exit animation for fluidity and immersion Kappa which only adds on the length of the display. all in all, balance must be found between aesthetics, efficiency, execution and intent.

might i also suggest the commission for 'avatars' for every individual bot. they're all growing up so fast BibleThump i think they deserve their own faces now

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