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** -*- Mode: auto-fill -*-
* Brief description:
This is a Java-based LysKOM[1] client library. The project focuses on
creating a useful class library making it easy for developers to
create new LysKOM clients in Java.
LysKOM is a conference system with ancient roots. LysKOM is a
relatively new approach to the old-fashioned KOM system, where the
communication is client-server based rather than terminal-based. The
most widely used client today[2] is written in Elisp and run inside
Emacs. LysKOM was created at the Lysator Academic Computer Society[3]
at Linköpings Universitet[4].
This project aims to implement all features of the latest LysKOM
protocol A specification[5].
* About the code
Much of this code was written in 1998, and there are some less
successful design choices in it, as well as bad practices and
references to deprecated APIs. My apologies.
* Authors:
The original author of this code is Rasmus Sten
<>. Staffan Malmgren <> was the first
person to see the code, and has provided bug fixes, features, test
implementations, documentation and more.
* License
The license of this the "MIT License". Put shortly, you can do
anything you want with this code, but don't blame its authors. See the
file "LICENSE".