Tests to remember and explore Javascript functionality.
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Some tests to help me remember the behavior of Javascript.

  • Vanilla JavaScript tests can be viewed here.
  • jQuery tests can be viewed here.
  • Tests exercising a jQuery Deferred implementation can be viewed here.

To use this repo, clone it and npm install for all the goodies.

Goodies include:

  • grunt server - for livereload of vanilla js tests.
  • grunt server:jquery - for livereload of jquery js tests.
  • grunt server:deferred - for livereload of jquery deffered example tests.
  • grunt deploy - to build to dist and push contents of dist to the gh-pages branch without a merge (since gh-pages should be orphaned) from the current branch. Included is a meaningful git commit on gh-pages indicating where build is from: Build: 8 Branch: master Version: 0.0.3 SHA: 9cd5bf8