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|                                             |
| Current version is Grunt 0.4.0 compatible.  |
| Version 0.0.14+ is Grunt 0.4.0 compatible.  |
|                                             |
| Version 0.0.12 is Grunt 0.3.17 compatible.  |
|                                             |

(version 0.0.13 seems to be missing from npm)


Set a constant in a php file to the value indicated.

This is a multi task.

This supports single or double quotes. Heredoc and nowdoc within the define are not supported. String constants are supported as are numbers, constants, and booleans. The quote marks will be maintained. So you can add quotes to transform from and initial number to a string. But, currently, you cannot transform a string to a number, etc. Grunt templates are supported in the config value field.

You can use one type of quote inside another, but escaping quotes is not supported.

So the following will work:

define('ENV','other "env"');


Example usage within grunt init:

    setPHPConstant: {
        stage: {
            constant    : 'ENV',
            value       : 'stage-<%="yyyy-mm-dd") %>',
            file        : 'temp/myfile.php'

The above would change the source of temp/myfile.php. It would change something like

define('ENV', 'blah');


define('ENV', 'staging-2012-11-30');

(Depending on actual date)

Installation and Use

To use this package put it as a dependency in your package.json, and then run npm install.

Then load the grunt task in your grunt.js



Tests can be run from the grunt-php-set-constant directory using:

npm install
npm test

You can inspect the sample output created. The tests can be run by either cloning the git repo or from this module's directory inside the node_modules folder of your project.



  • use regex back references for quotes


  • 0.0.15 - 2013 07 10
  • 0.0.14 - 2013 07 10
  • 0.0.13 - 2013 02 22 - Adding Grunt 0.4.0 compatibility
  • 0.0.12 - 2013 01 25 - Ability to have an empty string for value. Ability to put one type of quote in another. Issues #1, and #5
  • 0.0.11 - 2012 11 29 - Adding grunt templating to value

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