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+### Listen on initialize view events
+If you need a lazy View initialization you would want to implement your own `ViewFlow.ViewLazyInitializeListener` and pass it to the `setOnViewLazyInitializeListener()` method.
+ viewFlow.setOnViewLazyInitializeListener(new ViewLazyInitializeListener() {
+ public void onViewLazyInitialize(View view, int position) {
+ // Your code here e.g.
+ ((MyAdapter)((AbsListView)view).getAdapter()).initializeData();
+ }
+ });
### Flow Indicator
It is also possible to add a flow view indicator to your layout. The purpose of a `FlowIndicator` is to present a visual representation of where in the item list focus is at. You may either implement a `FlowIndicator` yourself or use an implementation provided by the View Flow library. The View Flow library currently supports the following indicators:

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