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Paketo Buildpacks community

Welcome to the Paketo Buildpacks community!

This document is an entry-point for contributing to the Paketo Buildpacks community.

How to get involved?

Depending on your preferences, there are both synchronous and asynchronous channels where you can ask questions, get updates about the project and keep learning:


Working group meetings are a great place to more directly communicate with other members of the community. They are public and all are welcome to join! See the list of working group meetings below.

1. Paketo Project Working Group Meeting

This working group is to discuss active RFCs and relay general project information. It covers all of the Paketo project and is a good place to start with new requests.

2. Paketo Java Subteam Working Group Meeting

This working groups is focused on Java related developments for Paketo buildpacks. It is to discuss open Java subteam RFCs, as well as project direction, status of open issues/pull-requests and to request features or provide feedback on the Java related buildpacks.

  • When: monthly on the third Tuesdays at 9:30AM EST/EDT
  • Where: Zoom
  • Previous meetings: [notes| recordings]

Asynchronous communication


Join the Paketo workspace and explore the channels that are most interesting to you

Mailing list

Join the mailing list here to receive the community newsletter, calendar invites and/or start conversations there!

How to contribute?

  1. Check our contributing guidelines
  2. Pick an issue labeled as good first issue or help wanted from this board

You can also bring your ideas or propose a feature your consider is missing by filing an issue or writing an RFC


Here's the 2022 Roadmap. Join us the first Tuesday of every month for a live update and discussion on the Roadmap status during the Working Group Meeting.


We make decisions as a group in a variety of public forums. Our governance practices are documented in


The list of project contributors and maintainers can be found in


Community content for the Paketo Buildpacks project



Code of conduct

Security policy





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