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Paketo Buildpack for Leiningen

The Paketo Buildpack for Leiningen is a Cloud Native Buildpack that builds Leiningen-based applications from source.


This buildpack will participate all the following conditions are met

  • <APPLICATION_ROOT>/project.clj exists

The buildpack will do the following:

  • Requests that a JDK be installed
  • Links the ~/.lein to a layer for caching
  • If <APPLICATION_ROOT>/lein exists
    • Runs <APPLICATION_ROOT>/lein uberjar to build the application
  • If <APPLICATION_ROOT>/lein does not exist
    • Contributes Lein to a layer with all commands on $PATH
    • Runs <LEIN_ROOT>/bin/lein uberjar to build the application
  • Removes the source code in <APPLICATION_ROOT>, following include/exclude rules
  • If $BP_LEIN_BUILT_ARTIFACT matched a single file
    • Restores $BP_LEIN_BUILT_ARTIFACT from the layer, expands the single file to <APPLICATION_ROOT>
  • If $BP_LEIN_BUILT_ARTIFACT matched a directory or multiple files
    • Restores the files matched by $BP_LEIN_BUILT_ARTIFACT to <APPLICATION_ROOT>


Environment Variable Description
$BP_LEIN_BUILD_ARGUMENTS Configure the arguments to pass to build system. Defaults to uberjar.
$BP_LEIN_BUILT_MODULE Configure the module to find application artifact in. Defaults to the root module (empty).
$BP_LEIN_BUILT_ARTIFACT Configure the built application artifact explicitly. Supersedes $BP_LEIN_BUILT_MODULE. Defaults to target/*-standalone.jar. Can match a single file, multiple files or a directory. Can be one or more space separated patterns.
$BP_INCLUDE_FILES Colon separated list of glob patterns to match source files. Any matched file will be retained in the final image. Defaults to `` (i.e. nothing).
$BP_EXCLUDE_FILES Colon separated list of glob patterns to match source files. Any matched file will be specifically removed from the final image. If include patterns are also specified, then they are applied first and exclude patterns can be used to further reduce the fileset.


The buildpack optionally accepts the following bindings:

Type: dependency-mapping

Key Value Description
<dependency-digest> <uri> If needed, the buildpack will fetch the dependency with digest <dependency-digest> from <uri>


This buildpack is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.