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Bit Castle : V-1.0.0

A Python (PyGame) based basic game

This version has all the basic functionalities..

This is a simple game made using Python-2.7.9 (32-bit), PyGame and Tkinter. The application is for Windows System only.

Rules & Controls:

  • Goal of the game is to reach the door in each level.
  • Each level is completed only when the player reaches the gate with the Key.
  • Without taking the key, the level won't be over.
  • You have got a torch, it'll make it possible for you to see the objects in a level.
  • The torch can be turned OFF or ON using Space-Bar.
  • When the torch is OFF, you can only see yourself and nothing else.
  • If the battery of the torch runs out, the torch is put-off automatically.
  • If you decide to put OFF the torch, the torch can be put back ON after a certain amout of time ONLY.
  • There are some 'red' colored crosses, touching them will kill you instantaneously.
  • There are some 'green' colored batteries, touching them will recharge your torch batteries a little.
  • You have to reach the gate in a certain amount of time, else the Game Is Over.
  • After every level, you can visit the store and buy some boosts to help you in coming levels.
  • The left-over battery charge will be converted to coins at the end of any level.
  • Press Z to PAUSE.
  • Images used :
    • --> Door
    • --> Key
    • --> Recharge
    • --> Death


  • 64-bit Windows System

Execution :

  • Download all the files from here.
  • Execute the .exe file in the dist folder

Technology Used

  • The game is made in Python-2.7.9
  • Pygame and Tkinter libraries
  • Executables were made using py2exe


The program has been tested on Windows-8.1(64-bit) and Windows-8.0(64-bit)..

For Hugs & Bugs, drop a mail at asimkprasad@gmail.com