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Buggy — Batch-Test for CodeForces : V.2.2 (Windows)

A batch-testing Sublime plug-in for CodeForces

This application is to assist a competitive-programmer in a CodeForces round. This application downloads all the sample test cases for a problem and runs a user's solution program on all these test cases so that no time is wasted on manual checking of the solution.

For now the application is for C++ users only.

The project is under constant development and the files in the repository might be unstable. It is therefore advised to download the latest release for usage. This is the link to the latest release

NOTE : Please try the Plug-in once before using it in actual contest to avoid any last minute confusions.

Make Sure you have read the Installation and Usage very very carefully.


  1. Requisites
  2. Installation
  3. Usage
  4. Technology Used
  5. Testing


  • Windows OS
  • Internet Connection (it should be working on cmd and should be allowed for all the applications)
  • A little space in C: drive
  • Sublime Text-3 (make sure it's included in the PATH-variables)
    • To check Sublime Text-3 is included to PATH-variables
      1. Open a cmd window.
      2. Run "subl" in the cmd.
      3. If Sublime opens up, everything is perfect
  • A default browser
  • Working g++
    • To check g++ is working
      1. Open a cmd window.
      2. Run "g++" in the cmd.
      3. If it throws an error of missing file, everything is perfect


  1. Download all the files from here : V.2.2.
  2. Shift the CF folder to "C:\". This is very important for the application to work. The CF folder should be directly in C: drive
  3. Shift the Buggy---Windows folder to C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages.
    • For me, the path looks like : C:\Users\DELL\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages
  4. Open Sublime-Text-3 (referred as Sublime here after), and change your build system
    1. GoTo "Tools -> Build System" and select CF
    2. Your Sublime is now configured


  • After the installation, you should see a new menu in the menu bar, Buggy.
  • Click on the Buggy menu and you'll be able to see all the options there.
  • Make sure Sublime Side-Bar is visible (View -> Side Bar -> Show Side Bar).
  • To start parsing test-cases for a round, (Buggy -> Start)
  • Compile the code before running it on test-cases.
  • For parsing the test-cases, provide the round-number you see in the url of the contest.
  • Copy the code before going to submit the code.
  • If you want you can change the key-bindings too.
  • User also has the option to change the template but all the changes in the template will be reflected in the next downloading/parsing of test-cases only.
  • If you are working behind proxy
    • Open dist/proxy.txt
    • Delete all the contents of the file and add your proxy with the following format
    • username:password@proxy:port

screenshot 11

Technology Used

  • The application is made using Python-2.7.9 and Shell scripting
  • BeautifulSoup module is used alongwith requests in Python


The program has been tested on Windows-8.1, 64-bit

Refer to this post for more detailed explanation of the working of the application.

To show your support, or if you liked the plugin, please don't remove the "Powered by Buggy plugin" comment from the template.
Hope this makes your life easier
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