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Triggers for a new Chapter

A new local Chapter can be formed due to the following triggers:

  • An individual or group reaches out to PWiC from a new locality with the interest in forming a local community
  • PWiC feels the need of forming a new chapter in a place where need is felt
  • Any other

Kick off a new local Chapter

If any of the above trigger points are met, the potential Chapter lead needs to fill out the application form to initiate the process for new Chapter formation. As soon as the potential Chapter lead submits the response, it will be received and reviewed by:

  • PWiC global chapter lead
  • President

We go over the request and do a preliminary agreement that we are willing to move forward with the request and don’t see any red flags. The idea is to inform the right people about this trigger and have them on the same page BUT it is strongly a hypothesis at this point and there will be plenty of opportunities in the later steps to validate if this is the right decision and terminate if those conditions are not met.

Unless someone has a strong objection (which is then discussed over a call/on an email thread), we move forward with the request.

Guidelines to form a new Chapter

This section describes in detail how to form a new chapter and meet all the prerequisites given below.


After informing the above pool, the process is officially set in motion and following are the prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before a new community is declared as an official “PWiC local Chapter”. (Details on how to measure each of the prerequisites follow below.)

  • A Chapter Lead has been nominated
  • The basic chapter team is in place to run the local chapter
  • There is a big enough community in the vicinity for which a chapter is needed
  • The purpose of the chapter has been clarified
  • Some on-ground activity has been driven by the local team

Chapter Lead Definition

As the name suggests, a Chapter lead is the person who is in charge of the organization, operations, management and leadership of a local chapter and community. Before a chapter can spin into action, a Chapter lead needs to be nominated. Please refer to the Chapter's Team Roles Document for more details on this role.

Trial Period

There will be a 2-3 months trial period where the newly nominated Chapter lead will have certain responsibilities and expectations.

  • A new -trial folder will be created under the official PWiC G-drive.
  • The Chapter lead will be added to the slack channel [TODO:add link to slack guidelines]
  • Chapter lead will be assigned certain responsibilities (prerequisites: 2 - 5) for the probation period. After the successful completion of this probation period, the role will be considered official.

Formation of a local team

There are three main objectives for the Chapter Lead as soon as they are appointed in their role of leading a local chapter/community.

Assembling the team

It’s the responsibility of the Chapter lead to hire and get more people on the team as required. Please refer to the Chapter's Team Roles Document to look up the team roles required to be filled in for a chapter.

The local team can be hired by advertising open roles on social media (local Facebook pages and communities, using LinkedIn network, holding a social meetup etc) Here's the form that can be sent out, to those interested, for open roles: link

Go through the applications submitted , have discussions with the potential candidates and make the final decisions then.

Assessing (size of) the community

It’s important to make sure that there is a large enough Pakistani community in the area that will form up the network and shows enough interest for the cause of PWiC. There can be various ways of gauging the interest of the local community.

How: By reaching out on local networks and social media The Chapter lead can create polls and surveys on the local social media channels e.g. Facebook groups for Pakistani community in the city and gauge the interest of people.

Here's a community outreach form that can be used to gauge interest in your area and community - link

Understanding needs of the community

It’s very important to gauge and define the biggest needs for your local community. Depending on the crowd you have in your local community, it could define you biggest focus areas. Examples:

  • If you have a lot of (female/Pakistani) students in your vicinity: It could mean they are interested in some career matching workshops, or resume building trainings or some talks/sessions on technical topics / how to enter the industry
  • If you have a lot of professionals: It could mean they are interested in trainings/workshops/sessions around how to navigate your career and connect with others in similar fields. Topics could include How to get into management roles, negotiation skills, how to self-promote better/apply for the next promotion, tech talks or sessions around soft-skills
  • If you have a lot of stay-home moms (who want to return to work): It could mean arranging help for returnship programs and enabling them to get back on their feet and industry
  • Could be a mixture of all above and the initial events could also be used to collect information about the audience and how to frame future events

How: By holding a social meetup From Step 2, you are already aware of the distribution of crowd in your community. You can hold a small gathering or social meetup at this point to introduce PWiC, attract more team members and understand their needs better.

More details on how to organize the first social meetup here: Distribute a survey at the end of the meetup to ask specific questions around this.

Formalizing the Chapter

Define the purpose (mission and vision) of your chapter Example: Define the short-term (quarterly) and long term (1-2 years) goals for your chapter