FunctionalRx2 is a collection of constructs to simplify a functional programming approach to Java and Android
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FunctionalRx2 is a collection of constructs to simplify a functional programming approach to development on Java and Android.

Android Arsenal

For the RxJava 1.X version please go to FunctionalRx.


The base Java 7 framework does not contain most constructs to do even the simplest functional development. Given that functional programming is a paradigm that's not limited by languages, a series of libraries have been created to bridge some of the gap to others like Kotlin, Scala or Clojure.

FunctionalRx uses RxJava as a backend for their functions and helpers. It's meant to be used in combination with their rective streams.


An overview of the libraries can be read at Building a Functional Toolset on Android on my blog. If you want to see them in action, watch my presentation on Fully Reactive Apps or visit the FunctionalAndroidReference sample project.

A thorough description and examples of each construct can be found in the readme of their repositories:

RxTuples2 - Simple tuples to use with RxJava

RxSealedUnions2 - Tagged Unions for the RxJava aesthete

RxComprehensions - Reduce boilerplate in RxJava by abstracting chained flatMaps, concatMaps and switchMaps

RxPartialApplication2 - Simple partial application for FunctionN and ConsumerN on RxJava

RxCurrying2 - Simple currying for FuncN and ActionN on RxJava

RxConsumers - Simple ConsumerN composition to use with RxJava

RxFunctions2 - Advanced Function composition to use with RxJava

RxMemoization2 - Simple Function result caching for RxJava


Each library can be added individually, or as a group by adding FunctionalRx2.

Add as a dependency to your build.gradle

repositories {
    maven { url "" }
dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.pakoito:FunctionalRx2:1.1.0'

    // This version includes:
    // compile 'com.github.pakoito:RxTuples2:1.0.0'
    // compile 'com.github.pakoito:RxSealedUnions2:1.0.0'
    // compile 'com.github.pakoito.RxComprehensions:rxcomprehensions2:1.3.0'
    // compile 'com.github.pakoito:RxMemoization2:1.0.0'
    // compile 'com.github.pakoito:RxPartialApplication2:1.0.0'
    // compile 'com.github.pakoito:RxCurrying2:1.0.0'
    // compile 'com.github.pakoito:RxFunctions2:1.0.0'
    // compile 'com.github.pakoito:RxConsumers:1.0.0'

or to your pom.xml




Copyright (c) pakoito 2017

The Apache Software License, Version 2.0