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<arg name="marker1Id" default="582"/>
<arg name="marker2Id" default="26"/>
<arg name="markerSize" default="0.04"/> <!-- in m -->
<arg name="eye" default="left"/>
<arg name="dct_normalization" default="True" />
<arg name="dct_filter_size" default="2" />
<arg name="marker1_frame" default="marker_hand_frame" />
<arg name="marker2_frame" default="marker_object_frame" />
<node pkg="aruco_ros" type="double" name="aruco_simple">
<remap from="/camera_info" to="/stereo/$(arg eye)/camera_info" />
<remap from="/image" to="/stereo/$(arg eye)/image_rect_color" />
<param name="image_is_rectified" value="True"/>
<param name="marker_size" value="$(arg markerSize)"/>
<param name="marker_id1" value="$(arg marker1Id)"/>
<param name="marker_id2" value="$(arg marker2Id)"/>
<param name="normalizeImage" value="$(arg dct_normalization)"/>
<param name="dct_components_to_remove" value="$(arg dct_filter_size)"/>
<param name="parent_name" value="stereo_gazebo_$(arg eye)_camera_optical_frame"/>
<param name="child_name1" value="$(arg marker1_frame)" />
<param name="child_name2" value="$(arg marker2_frame)" />
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