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PrestaShop <>
Open-source licence 3.0 (
VERSION: Prestashop 1.3a1
To install PrestaShop, you need a remote web server or on your computer (MAMP), with access to a database like MySQL.
You'll need access to phpMyAdmin to create a database and to indicate the information in the database in the installer.
If you do not host and unable to create your store, we offer a turnkey store, which lets you create your online store in less than 10 minutes without any technical knowledge.
We invite you to visit:
Simply go to your PrestaShop web directory and use installer :-)
If you have any PHP error, perhaps you don't have PHP5 or you need to activate it on your web host.
Please go to our forum to find pre-installation settings (PHP 5, htaccess) for certain hosting services (1&1, Free, Lycos, OVH, Infomaniak, Amen, GoDaddy, etc).
English webhost specifics settings :
If you don't find any solution to launch installer, please post on our forum :
There are always solutions for your issues ;-)
For any extra documentation (how-to), please read our wiki :
You can also discute, help and contribute with PrestaShop community on our forums :
Thanks for downloading and using PrestaShop e-commerce open-source solution !
= The PrestaTeam' =
= =
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