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Q: Are you going to implement the SELECT/CASE statements?

A: No. The IF statement does it very well on multiple condition. And it's also possible to put invokable objects in a dict to make a conditional executing table. Or use an alternative SELECT routine.

Q: Do you have any plan for concurrency?

A: Yes. But I won't add it to this code base, I might be going to implement it in another extension library. Very possible including coroutine and asynchronous IO operations.

Q: Is it possible to do error/exception handling elegantly?

A: Yes. It supports SEH with a TRY statement implementation.

Scripting API

Q: Is it possible to add more BASIC API?

A: The goal of such a compact library is to be as small as possible, and easy to extend. So I won't add heavy functions to the code base. There're already a few modules available on the Wiki pages, some in C and some in MY-BASIC itself. They'd be also good demonstrations which you could start with writing your own modules.


For more information about writing your own BASIC functions, see the "Customizing MY-BASIC/Writing scripting API" section in the MY-BASIC Quick Reference.

Feel free to open an issue if you get any good idea.

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