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Tower Of The Dead

This was a project I did for a gamejam in October 2013. The theme was Halloween and this is what came out of it. Tower of the Dead is a "climber" game where the player climbs a tower and dodges evil flaming skulls as they fall. The score system is super simple the longer you last the higher your score.

Tech Used

I used the up and coming Loom Engine to create this game! Loom's fast CLI workflow was AWESOME and extreemly fast for development.

I targeted iOS for this particular project focusing on retina displays. All of my assets are sized for the iPhone 5 and adjusted from that.

Building The Project

With the Loom CLI building this project is easy! First make sure you are in the project folder.

Then Run:

loom run --desktop

This will compile and run the project on the desktop.

If you want to run this on your phone you must first add your provisioning profile

loom provision <Path to your Provisioning Profile>

Then run it

loom run --ios


This Code is NOT OPTIMIZED. I was testing out a new technology and was trying to get things done as fast as I could within the time limits.

Here are some things this could benifit from:

  • Sprites
  • Music/Sounds
  • An Overarching Player Class
  • An Overarching Enemy Class
  • Spliting out Overlay Methods from the Level Code
  • Making use of Looms LML Structure and CSS
  • Timer Optimization
  • Further Object Destruction
  • Resource Manager
  • Refactoring for readability and optimization

That being said feel free to use this code in your projects!