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SPIERS v3.1.0

@alanspencer alanspencer released this
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Change log

This is a minor release. The following has been changed since the last v3.0.1. This is the first supported macOS release for SPIERS 3.X.X. This is now the recommended version.


  • Updated file load dialogues.
  • TIFF support added.
  • Dark theme implemented for macOS.


  • When zoomed in on a slice image and scroll bars are present, middle mouse click and drag now translates the image.
  • Cursor colour and line thickness has been modified to make them clearer during software use.
  • Alternative shortcuts for F-keys have been added for ease on systems where the use of these requires function lock - the alternative for e.g. F1 is control/command + shift + 1. More can be added on request.
  • Holding control/cmd whilst scrolling mouse now changes the selected slice in the selector toolbox.
  • Holding shift whilst scrolling mouse now changes the position in the dataset.
  • Fixed bugs where correct menu options were not selected on new dataset creation and current slice was set on dataset load.
  • Dark theme and output to SPIERSview implemented for macOS.
  • TIFF support added.


  • Dark theme implemented for macOS.
  • OpenGL for macOS updated to 3.3.

SPIERSversion (utility):

  • No changes.

SPIERS common files (used by all programs):

  • Font size is now adjusted within the theme on the basis of screen resolution.

Release information:


Build instructions are included in the readme. Any Linux users interested in a package are encouraged to contact so we can assess demand.


A zip containing all required binaries can be downloaded from the assets above. Alternatively an installer is provided. See notes below:

Note 1: the .zip archive contains all SPIERS programs (SPIERSalign, SPIERSedit, and SPIERSview). The .zip can be extracted and the programs run by double clicking the .exe files in the ./bin folder. All the required libraries have been included and are found in the ./bin folder.

Note 2: The windows installer will not overwrite any pre-existing SPIERS <= v3.0.1 installations. However, it will set the default program for all SPIERS files (.spe, .spv, .sp2, .spf, and .vaxml) to to use the newly installed version.


Download the .zip containing the three SPIERS software packages. Open the .zip and drag-n-drop the software package to your Applications folder. This will install the software on your local machine. If you already have SPIERS installed you will be asked if you wish to replace the software.

Note 1: if your Mac is set to only allow apps from the App Store and identified developers you will see a warning message stating that the programs cannot be opened. In macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave, when an app fails to install/open because it hasn’t been notarized or is from an unidentified developer, it will appear in System Preferences > Security & Privacy, under the General tab. Click Open Anyway to confirm your intent to open or install the app. This will be required for all SPIERS applications. More information can be found here:

Note 2: the SPIERSversion (utility) is not included as part of the mac build.

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