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Android Debug Drawer

Android Arsenal

Faster development with Debug Drawer


DeviceModule - common information about your device

BuildModule - app build information

SettingsModule - open Developer, Battery, Default settings, open app info and possibility to uninstall app directly from itself

NetworkModule - enable/disable Wifi, Mobile or Bluetooth

OkHttpModule,OkHttp3Module - common information about http client (requires extra dependency)

PicassoModule - image downloading and caching statistics (requires extra dependency)

GlideModule - image downloading and caching statistics (requires extra dependency)

ScalpelModule - tool to uncover the layers under your app (requires extra dependency). Thanks ebabel for contributing.

LocationModule - common location information (requires extra dependency)

TimberModule - log viewer with sharing feature (requires extra dependency). Thanks AntonyGolovin for contributing.

ActionsModule - any context dependent action (ButtonAction, SwitchAction, SpinnerAction)

FpsModule - measuring the FPS using Choreographer (requires extra dependency)

LogsModule - Logcat and OkHttp network calls interceptor (requires extra dependency). Credits Sloy

NetworkQualityModule - Error/delay rate managing for network calls (requires extra dependency). Credits Sloy


  • Take screenshot feature

You are always welcome to suggest modules!

Getting Started

Add Gradle dependencies:


dependencies {
   debugImplementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer:0.8.0'
   releaseImplementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-no-op:0.8.0'


dependencies {
   debugImplementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-view:0.8.0'
   releaseImplementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-view-no-op:0.8.0'

BuildModule, DeviceModule, SettingsModule, NetworkModule

dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-commons:0.8.0'

ActionsModule - ButtonAction, SwitchAction, SpinnerAction

dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-actions:0.8.0'

OkHttpModule, OkHttp3Module OkHttp library required

dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-okhttp:0.8.0'
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-okhttp3:0.8.0'

PicassoModule Picasso library required

dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-picasso:0.8.0'

GlideModule Glide library required

dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-glide:0.8.0'

ScalpelModule Scalpel library required

dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-scalpel:0.8.0'


dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-location:0.8.0'

TimberModule Timber library required

dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-timber:0.8.0'

FpsModule Takt library required

dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-fps:0.8.0'

LogsModule Lynx & Chuck libraries required

dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-logs:0.8.0'

NetworkQualityModule OkHttp library required

dependencies {
   implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-network-quality:0.8.0'

Putting All Together

1. Initialization in Activity

You could use DebugDrawer or DebugView depending on your needs

Example using DebugDrawer (For DebugView initialization check DebugViewActivity)

    private DebugDrawer debugDrawer;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        SwitchAction switchAction = new SwitchAction("Test switch", new SwitchAction.Listener() {
            public void onCheckedChanged(boolean value) {
                Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, "Switch checked", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

        ButtonAction buttonAction = new ButtonAction("Test button", new ButtonAction.Listener() {
            public void onClick() {
                Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, "Button clicked", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

        SpinnerAction<String> spinnerAction = new SpinnerAction<>(
            Arrays.asList("First", "Second", "Third"),
            new SpinnerAction.OnItemSelectedListener<String>() {
                @Override public void onItemSelected(String value) {
                    Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, "Spinner item selected - " + value, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

        debugDrawer = new DebugDrawer.Builder(this)
                new ActionsModule(switchAction, buttonAction, spinnerAction),
                new FpsModule(Takt.stock(getApplication())),
                new LocationModule(this),
                new ScalpelModule(this),
                new TimberModule(),
                new OkHttp3Module(okHttpClient),
                new PicassoModule(picasso),
                new GlideModule(Glide.get(getContext())),
                new DeviceModule(this),
                new BuildModule(this),
                new NetworkModule(this),
                new SettingsModule(this)

2. TimberModule

Don't forget to plant needed log trees in Application class. Tree that is used by TimberModule stored in LumberYard class.

Application class example:

    public class DebugDrawerApplication extends Application {
        public void onCreate() {

            LumberYard lumberYard = LumberYard.getInstance(this);

            Timber.plant(new Timber.DebugTree());

Creating and Publishing Your Own Module

Add implementation 'io.palaima.debugdrawer:debugdrawer-base:0.8.0' to your dependencies

Module must implement DebugModule interface or extend DebugModuleAdapter if you do not need lifecycle hooks

    public interface DebugModule {

         * Creates module view
        @NonNull View onCreateView(@NonNull LayoutInflater inflater, @NonNull ViewGroup parent);

         * Override this method if you need to refresh
         * some information  when drawer is opened
        void onOpened();

         * Override this method if you need to stop
         * some actions  when drawer is closed
        void onClosed();

         * Override this method if you need to start
         * some processes
        void onResume();

         * Override this method if you need to do
         * some clean up
        void onPause();

         * Override this method if you need to start
         * some processes that would be killed when
         * onStop() is called
         * E.g. register receivers
        void onStart();

         * Override this method if you need to do
         * some clean up when activity goes to foreground.
         * E.g. unregister receivers
        void onStop();


You can clone the project and compile it yourself (it includes a sample).




Want to contribute? You are welcome!

Pull Requests

  • Fork the repo and create your branch from dev.
  • If you've changed APIs, update the documentation.
  • Make sure your code lints.
  • Change if necessary

Coding Style

  • Opening braces to appear on the same line as code
  • All variables must be camelCase
  • All resources must have dd_ prefix

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Copyright 2016 Mantas Palaima.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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