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Bash script I use to share the changes between two commits as report
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This is a simple bash script to help me share a report of file changed between two commits. I started this as I could not find a way to pipe the git log output with xargs.

Anyhow, bash script ended up better options for writing it as html for other posibilities.

There were about atleast three different implementation of the script, refer history of to see other revisions of the script.

How to use

# sh <startCommitSHA> <endCommitSHA>


sh 3b9aea39c7 37c07544408b


sample output - screenshot


  • Commit logs by file
  • Excel friendly html table
  • With source diff
  • Diff options: side-by-side or line-by-line and clear
  • Filter files with certain extensions
  • Style & Typography - not happy with it
  • HTML Filter by file types?

A lot of dirty tricks involved, but hey it gets the job done. Will try to tidy up later*

Feel free to send me a pull requests

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