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Transifex Adofex

Transifex Adofex is a project to provide a web service to localize Mozilla extensions. It is a set of Transifex addons and few patches applied to Transifex itself (hopefully soon they will be merged in).

Installation Instructions

  1. Setup Transifex normally somewhere. This can be either in your Python path or elsewhere:

    mkdir ~/devel
    cd ~/devel
    hg clone https://bitbucket.org/tymofiy/transifex

    Both requirements.txt and buildout.cfg in transifex are obsolete, refer to http://help.transifex.net/technical/install.html#install-dependencies or requirements.txt in this project.:

    pip install django==1.2.5
    pip install -r requirements.txt

    There is a bug in django-piston which makes its install with pip fail (__init__.py file in piston package is missing). See https://bitbucket.org/jespern/django-piston/issue/173/ Tx folks recommend using their tarball and easy_install here:

    easy_install http://trac.transifex.org/files/deps/django-piston-0.2.3-devel-r278.tar.gz
  2. Make sure the 'TX_ROOT' config option points to your upstream Transifex project directory.

    You may configure your project by editing the files in the 'settings' directory. Files matching the pattern settings/*-local.conf are ignored by Mercurial.

    Example: Create a config file to be executed before the base config file, and if needed, one executed afterwards. Here's an example of a '09-base-local.conf' file:

    TX_ROOT = '~/devel/transifex/transifex'
  1. Create symlink media in adofex pointing to transifex's media and templates:

    cd adofex
    ln -s ~/devel/transifex/transifex/media
    ln -s ~/devel/transifex/templates templates/transifex
  2. Finally setup your DB, and run your project as described in the Installation Instructions:

    ./manage.py syncdb --noinput
    ./manage.py migrate
    ./manage.py txcreatenoticetypes
    ./manage.py txlanguages
    ./manage.py mzlanguages
    ./manage.py build_static

    To enable registered users create projects, you have to give permission "Can add project" to the 'registered' group

That's it!